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Lakeside Acres Association

2019 Semi-Annual Meeting
July 06, 2019
Meeting Minutes


Meeting Starts:

Meeting Ends:

Meeting Place:

Purpose of Meeting:

9:17 am

11:20 am

Lake Front

Semi-Annual Meeting
July 06, 2019

Roles for this Meeting: Participants:
Leader: Lynda Bablin
Recorder: Lori Brush
Invited Guests: N/A
Meeting Open Lynda Bablin Started at 9:17 am.
Minute Acceptance Lynda Bablin Minutes from September 2018 as stands
Treasurer’s Report Percy Croote Given.
Old Business
Introduction of New Members Lynda Bablin No new members to introduce

Water chestnut plant will cover lakeshore and is a risk; it must be pulled out by roots; be careful, it has sharp seeds that can puncture skin.

Riley Cove (RC) – members voiced concerns regarding SLAA members walking their dogs in Riley’s Cove and not cleaning up after the animals relieve themselves; RC members wanted an awareness.

  Mike Gaige SLAA members voiced concern about the same from RC members; concerns will be verbalized to Riley Cove.

Capital Projects

Mike Gaige

King Road and Shore Road:

  1. Drainage at King Rd and Shore Rd. good this year after work completion.
  2. Some shore erosion did occur.
  3. Cost of project was higher than expected due to buried items and culvert under driveway on King Rd. needed replacement due to culvert lower than work being done.
  Mike Gaige

Dredging / Grading Boat Launch:

  1. Soil taken can be placed along shore line.
  2. Soil taken and placed elsewhere will need to be tested by DEC.
  Patrick Doyle

Questioning fill in of culvert ditch with stones as was stated with initiation of project; states grass is filling in culvert.

  Mike Gaige

Shore Line hardening with stone from Schuyler to Gates, approximately 300 feet (465 feet completed in phase 1) $12,000 estimated cost.
Discussion ensued.

Motion #1

Motion to complete stone work lakefront protection, Phase 2 to south end of association.

Motion by Bryan Fisher; 2nd by John Vatalaro.

Motion passed.

Motion #2

Motion to transfer $12000 from regular account to capital projects to complete Phase 2

Motion by Pete Scalici; 2nd by Ed Dubrawski

Motion passed.
Motion #3

Motion for $150 onetime assessment to replenish regular account.

Motion by Pete Scalici; 2nd by Ed Dubrawski

Motion passed.
  Lynda Bablin

Further discussion on how to remediate sandy area of lakefront at south end of association. Capital Improvement Committee to be set up.


Lynda Bablin
  • High water table, redirecting creeks or water flow will cause water issues for your neighbors.
  • Collamer was affected severely by this redirection causing flooding and water in basements this past winter/spring.
  • It is not right to drain water onto your neighbors or association property.
  • Members need to be mindful. Keep culverts open and do not drain on to other’s property.
  Lynda Bablin


  • Docks are personal property.
  • Sharing docks has nothing to do with the association; it is a personal agreement.
  • Cannot encumber areas under docks.
  • Cannot rent dock space; only money to be exchanged is for maintenance and repairs.
  Lynda Bablin

Golf Carts:

  • Members must be mindful of speed; 5MPH as posted.
  • Speed bumps to be inserted after rain.
New Business
Email Updates Lynda Bablin

Please give any e-mail updates to the secretary

Road Maintenance/Compensation

Lynda Bablin

-King Road stones/grading is completed every year.
-Other roads are alternated by need.
-Recommendations have come forward from association members to pay volunteers who do the road maintenance.

Motion #4

Motion to pay for labor for spreading stones.

Motion by Bob Godgart.

Rescinded by Bob Godgart.

Motion #5

Motion to wave the assessment fee for the gentleman (Godgart) who paid for road maintenance and move on with agenda.

Motion by Tim Howansky; 2nd Patrick Doyle

Motion failed.

Family Day 23019 John Viola

Family Day – August 3rd 1pm- late evening
Party at lakefront with tent, food, drinks;
Boat Ramp will be closed for tent from Friday, 8/2 until Monday, 8/5; Set-up morning of 8/3 and clean-up morning of 8/4 – volunteers are welcome and needed.
Family and friends are welcome.
All attendees asked to bring a dish


Lynda Bablin

No tents or canopies on lakefront.
-Dogs must be on leashes, please pick up after your dogs.
-Any member who wants to have a lakefront party, please contact board ahead of scheduled date.

Lynda Bablin Lost Boat Launch key – please return to Pam Barnes.

Declaration of Convenants

Lynda Bablin

On file with county clerk’s office; emailed to association member; discussion ensued.


Waterfront Repair

Lynda Bablin It is expected that dock owners repair lakefront after placing docks as to how it was prior to dock placement.  
Election of Directors      
Motion #6

President held by Lynda Bablin

Motion to nominate Lynda Bablin by Mike O’Connor; 2nd by Paul Lucier

Seeing no further nominations, Secretary casts vote.

Motion #7

Vice President held by John Viola

Motion to nominate John Viola by Maryellen Schuman; 2nd by Virginia Clark.

Seeing no further nominations, Secretary casts vote.

Motion #8

Secretary held by Lori Brush

Motion to nominate Lori Brush by Lynda Bablin; 2nd by Gary Allain.

Seeing no further nominations, Secretary casts vote.

Motion #9

Treasurer help by Allison Croote

Motion to nominate Allison Croote by Virginia Clark; 2nd by Gary Allain.

Seeing no further nominations, Secretary casts vote.

Motion #10

Director’s Seats held by Mike Gauge and Bobby Decelle

Motion to nominate Ed Degenhart by John Vatalaro; 2nd by Brian Fisher.
Motion to nominate Bob Decelle by Tom Freightenburgh; 2nd by John Bablin.
Motion to nominate Mike Gaige by Ellie Parker; 2nd by Lee French.

Association votes cast: Bob Decelle and Ed Degenhart voted in.


Lynda Bablin

Thanks to Mike Gaige for all his service to the board and the association.


Motion #11

To Adjourn

Motion to adjourn by Yvonne McMillan; 2nd by Mike O’Connor; Meeting end 11:20am.



Lakeside Acres Association

2018 Semi-Annual Meeting
September 01, 2018
Meeting Minutes


Meeting Starts:

Meeting Ends:

Meeting Place:

Purpose of Meeting:

9:10 am

10:10 am

Lake Front

Semi-Annual Meeting
September 01, 2018

Roles for this Meeting: Participants:
Leader: Lynda Bablin
Recorder: Lori Brush
Invited Guests: N/A
Meeting Open Lynda Bablin Started at 9:10 am.
Minute Acceptance Lynda Bablin Minutes from July 2018 as stands
Treasurer’s Report Percy Croote Accepted.
Old Business
Introduction of New Members Lynda Bablin New member:
Faith Castegne
Lakefront Mike Gaige Two years since first phase holding up well. South end will start in spring. Those with docks in that area, their help and in-put will be appreciated.
Please give any e-mail updates to the secretary.
Family Day 2018 John Viola Family Day – started with lakefront under water due to heavy rains; volunteers had water cleared by 6:30am
Due to water, damage was done to the grass but has since been leveled and grass seed spread. As members can see, grass is coming back. Money for repair of grass came from family day budget.
Total: $2997.
50/50 Raffle won by Denise Croote and $150 given back to association.
Huge thanks to the following members for their donations:
Mike Carbone – pig
Ed Degenhart – waterslide, dunk tank, bouncy bounce and nighttime entertainment.
Lori Lucier – keg from Brown’s Brewery
Mark McNary – food
Jim Parisi – refrigerators
Barb Wennik – electricity

Thanks to all who cleaned up on Sunday and thanks for breakfast: Melissa Doyle, Jen Degenhart and Denise Parisi.

Lynda Bablin Thanks to John Viola and Steve Schuman for all their hard work in making family day a success.
New Business
Dtainage Mike Gaige Corner of King Road and Lake Shore Drive water collects due to culverts filled in.
Two contractors contacted for pricing and recommendations to fix issue:

– Adam Cross of North Valley construction (did lakefront project) suggests 18 inch swales, fill with cobble for safety. Culverts will come under Lake Shore Drive with a sediment box that can be opened and cleaned to prevent blockage. Drainage will then continue to lake. This will alleviate puddles in spring, summer and fall and ice build-up in winter. Price: $11,000.

Ken Tambusko of Ken’s Rock came yesterday without meeting with myself or other members. Suggests underground culverts, two lines. Not specific with details. Price: $10,000 approximately

Jim Parisi maintains Lake Shore and King Roads – the above area is frustrating and difficult to maintain.

Lengthy discussion ensued.

Last estimate to place something more permanent for grading King Road was prohibitive at $60,000.
Recommendation by board is to start with drainage.
Bids for work. Recommendation by membership is to look at all of King Road.

Members asked about study by Engineer prior to work.

John Viola/ Randy Croote Study was completed by Engineering firm hired by Town of Malta which cost $30,000 in 1998 and the report was updated in 2006.
Summary was open swale was recommended for every road with culverts only on driveways. Cost for this would be in the millions and the town wanted a separate tax base for SLAA to do this work.

Randy Croote has original report if any member would like to view

Motion #1 Dave Fedorshak
2nd Peter Scalici
Motion for $11,000 proposal with swale and cobble fill for drainage issue on Lake Shore and King. Motion passes
  Steve Schuman Recommend contractor pricing for proposal for rest of King Road drainage as Phase 2 of project.
Pitch at top of King Road onto Silver Beach Fran Godgart Question if anything can be done about steep pitch at top of King.
  Mike Gaige This was done by town.
When speed bumps removed for winter, will ask Jim Parisi to bring more fill to that area.
Lynda Bablin Will contact town to see what can be done regarding getting asphalt to smooth grading coming off Silver Beach onto King.
Speeding Lynda Bablin Speeding is out of control on Silver Beach Road. Spoke to sheriff. If you see someone speeding, please get license plate number and report it to the sheriff.  
Noise Lynda Bablin Members are reminded of noise ordinance in area. Contractors cannot start work until 7am and no work on Sundays unless property owners within 500 feet of work are in agreement.  
Boat Launch Mike Gaige Will speak to DEC and bring information back in July 2019.  
Motion #2 to Adjourn Kevin Moran
2nd Maureen Moulder
Meeting end at 10:10am. Meeting Adjourned


Lakeside Acres Association

2018 Semi-Annual Meeting
July 06, 2018
Meeting Minutes


Meeting Starts:

Meeting Ends:

Meeting Place:

Purpose of Meeting:

9:15 am

10:03 am

Lake Front

Semi-Annual Meeting
July 07, 2018

Roles for this Meeting: Participants:
Leader: Lynda Bablin
Recorder: Lori Brush
Invited Guests: N/A
Meeting Open Lynda Bablin Started at 9:15 am.
Minute Acceptance Lynda Bablin Minutes from September 2017 as stands
Treasurer’s Report Percy Croote Two Donations sent in honor of the passing of two SLAA members:
Don Barnes $50 to Saratoga Therapeutic Equestrian Program
Hubernatt $50 to Community HospiceExpenses:
Family Day 2017 1998.48
Insurance 994.00
Legal 1775.00
Property Tax 322.08
Landscape 2410.59
Stone 1527.18
Old Business
Introduction of New Members Lynda Bablin New members:
Allison Manz
Bridget Lamoth
Jody and Craig Wade
Waterfront Lynda Bablin Reminder – waterfront is open to all membership. Dock spaces are assigned. Docks are private property. Members with docks are encouraged to share.

SLAA has had increasing membership. Boats are increasing and owners must have access to their boats. Please respect each other’s access. If issues, the dock committee will get involved.

Discussion ensued.

Lakefront Mike Gaige First phase holding up well. Some small areas settled. Interest in going south. The board is in favor. Recommendation is to get bid from same contractor who did initial work. Will bring bid back next July for vote. Waiting until 2019 will allow dues to pay for project.

Please give any e-mail updates to the secretary.

Boat Launch Grading Lynda Bablin Grading is being looked at.
New Business
E-mail Updates
Lynda Bablin Please see secretary for email updates.
Lori Brush Emails were always intended for association business only. If email is used for any other purposes by association members, that member will forfeit email access.

Membership agrees.

Family Day 2018 John Voila Family Day – August 4th 1pm- late evening
Party at lakefront with tent, food, drinks.
Membership donations include:
Ed Degenhart – waterslide
Mark McNary – food
Jim Parisi – refrigerators
Barb Wennik – electricityBoat Ramp will be closed for tent from Friday, 8/3 until Monday, 8/6Working on Live MusicAll attendees asked to bring a dish.Family and friends are welcome.Help with set-up, cooking on Saturday and clean up on Sunday is welcomed.
Drainage Mike Gaige J. Parisi works very hard with his tractor with attempts to keep water running along King Road. Plan in September to work on corner of King Road and Lake Shore Drive drainage system. Plan to go under the road and lake front grass to lake. Lake front grass will be repaired.

Bids for work. Recommendation by membership is to look at all of King Road.

John Voila Could place swale going from top of King all the way down to lake. Maintenance will need to be by each home owner along King to maintain the swale in front of their property.

Discussion ensued.

Mike Gaige If other areas require work, please speak to Mike Gaige or John Viola.
Voting Lynda Bablin Some members have voiced concerns about lack of representation at September meeting; In order to vote, need at least 31 members. If you want a say and cannot be at meeting, please give a proxy to another member you trust to vote your wishes.
Malta Post Office
Mike Gaige USPS will not bring truck down Lake Shore Road for package deliveries any longer.
Recommend joint large postal box be purchased by members on Lake Shore Drive for package delivery.Further discussion to ensue with postal service.
Lynda Bablin Reminder to all – association roads are 5 miles per hour for all vehicles. This includes trucks, cars, golf carts, rangers, etc. Please be mindful to keep to the speed limit.
John Voila Request for speed bump on Collamer.
Will research this request.
Election of Directors Motion #1
Director’s Seat held by Jeff Schraner Jeff Schraner nominated by Renee Farley; second by Lee French. Seeing no further nominations, Secretary casts vote.
Motion #2
Director’s Seat held by Gary Allain Gary Allain nominated by Renee Farley; second by Lee French. Seeing no further nominations, Secretary casts vote.
Motion #3 to Adjourn Lee French
2nd Gary Allain
Meeting adjourned at 10:03am. Meeting Adjourned


Lakeside Acres Association

2016 Semi-Annual Meeting
September 03, 2016
Meeting Minutes


Meeting Starts:

Meeting Ends:

Meeting Place:

Purpose of Meeting:

9:09 am

9:59 am

Lake Front

Semi-Annual Meeting
September 03, 2016

Roles for this Meeting: Participants:
Leader: Lynda Bablin
Recorder: Lori Brush
Invited Guests: N/A


Meeting Open Lynda Bablin Started at 9:09 am.
Ballots and Written copy of By-Laws will be given out as you sign in.Proxies must be given in at this time.
Minute Acceptance Lynda Bablin Minutes from July 2016 as stands
Treasurer’s Report Percy Croote Accepted as reported.
Insurance, Family Day, Legal Fees and Tree Service paid.
Old Business
Introduction of New Members Lynda Bablin No new members:
By-laws Lynda Bablin -Only one response received on 9/2/16 by a member
Paul Lucier Article 3 Section 10 suggest remove Board of Directors and change to membership to determine dues.
By Laws Approval / Changes Amend “Pursuant to membership approval”
Dave Fedorchak Board can approve up to $3000 for association spending Amend
Enforcement Amend a lien can be placed on their property for fees due.
Lynda Bablin Lien statement recommended by attorney due to recent Appellate Court Case.
Findings – all owners able to use association benefits should require them to pay dues.
This is similar to union members.Discussion ensued.
Awaiting sign in sheets to determine a quorum and then will return to By Laws.
Family Day 2016 John Viola Great Success. Over 400 people attended and were fed.
Thank you to/for the following donations:

  • Carbone Family for the Pig
  • Degenhart Family for the Bouncy Bounce and Waterslide.
  • Teal Family for all the meat.
  • Parisi Family for the Refrigerators.
  • Barbara Wennek for Electricity.
  • Third Floor for the Music
  • Peter Martin (Lucier) for the Keg of Brown’s Beer.
  • The Degenhart children for collecting the 50/50. Total $410. $205 to Barb Knight and $205 to the Association.

Total cost – under budget by $230 which is returned to the Association.

Membership Thank you to John for organizing and all his hard work for Family Day.
Motion #1 Paul Lucier
Dave Fedorchak 2nd
Article 3 Section 10 Remove Board of Directors and change to membership to determine dues.
Motion #1 Amendment Paul Lucier
Dave Fedorchak 2nd
Amend page 4 “The Board of Directors” subject to approval of the membership “shall establish dues. Motion Approved
Motion #2 Paul Lucier
Barbara Wennek 2nd
Article 8 page 10 Amend “Entire Board of directors” subject to approval of the membership, “but any Bylaws” Motion Approved
Motion #3 Dave Fedorchak
Sheri Carle 2nd
Amend Language to place Lien on Property – completely remove this.

Discussion ensued

Motion Fails
Motion #4 Dave Fedorchak
Mike O’Connor 2nd
Amend Spending of Board without membership approval from $3000 to $1500 with $3000 available upon unanimous approval of available Board Members.

Discussion ensued

Motion Fails
New Business
E-mails Lynda Bablin Please update email addresses with Lori Brush.
Question William Sykela Requested clarification of Locust Road paved versus requests for other paper roads to be paved in the Association. Discussion ensued
Lynda Bablin Legal Settlement reached with the HOA owned by Renee Farley was that Locust Road would be paved at owner’s cost. The Association is not responsible for any portion of the road including the Association owned portion of Locust Road.
Motion to Adjourn Salli Viola
Virginia Clark 2nd
Meeting adjourned at 9:59am. Meeting Adjourned



Lakeside Acres Association

2016 Semi-Annual Meeting
July 02, 2016
Meeting Minutes


Meeting Starts:

Meeting Ends:

Meeting Place:

Purpose of Meeting:

9:13 am

11:50 am

Lake Front

Semi-Annual Meeting
July 02, 2016

Roles for this Meeting: Participants:
Leader: Lynda Bablin
Recorder: Lori Brush
Invited Guests: N/A


Meeting Open Lynda Bablin Started at 9:13 am.
Ballots and Written copy of By-Laws will be given out as you sign in.Proxies must be given in at this time.
2016 Amended By-Laws Lynda Bablin Approved by Board
Minute Acceptance Lynda Bablin Minutes from September 2015 as stands
Treasurer’s Report Percy Croote Report given
Motion #1 Virginia Clark
Barbara Knight 2nd
Accept Treasurer’s Report Motion Passes
Old Business
Introduction of New Members Lynda Bablin Welcome to new members: Dean DelNegro, Nia LaParl Forshee, and Todd and Jill Lapointe.
Lakefront Protection Project Mike Gaige Kudos to Mike Gauge and Gary Allain for their work in the completion of Phase 1.
-Plan: wait one year to consider 2nd Phase.
-$1000 below budget when all members pay.
-Good contractor.
-Included in the work $1000 went to gravel for road repair.
-Cost approximately $50/linear foot to do 450 feet of lake front.
-Contractor will decrease cost per linear foot in Phase 2.
-Went very well.
-Extra large stones leftover from work can be used by any member on water front only; the stones weigh approximately 100 lbs. each.
The stones are presently located on Mike Gaige’s property.
By-laws Lynda Bablin -Copies distributed of approved Amended By-Laws.
-Old By-Laws were deficient; many hours spent by the Board after extensive attorney review.-Board and/or Members can amend the By-Laws
Summary of Changes:

  1. Members in Good Standing:

New – All dues, association fees, one time assessments, etc that are two years or more delinquent will result in a new initiation fee being due.
Any $ paid to association will go to most delinquent fees owed.
(Old – 3 years in arrear before penalized)

  1. Enforcement:

New – All financial responsibilities to association must be paid, if not, the member has the option to remove themselves from the association or a lien can be placed on their property for fees due.
(Old – No enforcement options)

  1. Proxies:

New – Written proxy must be presented at meeting in order to vote.

Association will continue to work with those members with financial concerns.
  1. Regulations separated from By-Laws:

By-Laws rarely change where as Regulations change more frequently.
New Regulation:
Moorings within 100 feet of shoreline must go through dock committee and the Board.

  1. Spending:

New – Board can approve up to $3000 for association spending.
(Old – $1000)


Note: Complaints can be filed with the DEC for large number of moorings outside the 100 feet from shoreline.

One Board Member dissension on this.

Mike Gaige Collect $150 per year per property (approximately 80 properties); $2500 of this goes to family day; $6000 left and Board can spend this in 2 votes which is too much per Mike.
Discussion ensued. Question asked what can be done about members who haven’t paid.
Addressed in By-Laws.
Lynda Bablin Majority of board feels the association votes board members in which equates to a level of trust.
Membership can amend this.
Docks Lynda Bablin Per SLAA attorney, No rental of dock spaces. One rental = Marina.
If a realtor falsely advertises dock spaces that are not available and the association is aware, the association can be held liable
Mike Gaige Sharing docks with association members is acceptable and a maintenance fee can be collected by dock owner as an agreement between two association members.
However, there is no renting and no non-members of the association.
Lynda Bablin Sharing docks needs to be recorded with the dock committee.
Dock spaces are a conditional privilege.Discussion ensued.
Dues Lynda Bablin Dues have to be paid by annual meeting in July.
Water Lines Report Lynda Bablin Notice – if your water / electric lines are not below frost line, the association will not be responsible for any damage.

Discussion ensued.

New Business
E-mail updates Lori Brush Updated with sign in.
Family Day 2016 John Viola
  • Lake Front barbecue Saturday, August 6th, starts at 1pm.
  • Bouncy Bounce again donated by the Degenharts.
  • Food and Beer provided; members bring side dishes and desserts.
  • Permission to close boat launch from Friday, August 5th until Monday, August 8th.
  • All welcome for set-up Saturday morning and clean-up Sunday morning.
  • Thanks also to Barbara Wennik for electric, Jim Parisi for refrigerators, and Mark McNary for food donations.
  • Stay with $2500 Budget.
Tree Work John Viola -Lake Front trees and stump work: prune dead limbs, remove dead trees, and remove dead stumps.
-Two estimates received: $2800 and $5000. -Contractor picked with $2800 estimate.
-Work started. Contractor careful, not destroying lake front and good clean-up.
-Will return July 5th to complete work.
-Stone left from erosion project will be moved/completed this week and placed on Collamer Road.
-Members in good standing are free to take hardwood left.
-Board agreed to start on lake side of Lake Shore Road.If any trees are in bad shape and need to be removed, board is requesting to exceed emergency spending cap of $3000
Motion #2 Ellie Parker
Barbara Knight 2nd
Board can exceed $3000 cap for emergency situations.
Motion #2 Amended Barbara Knight
Ellie Parker 2nd
Board can exceed $3000 cap for emergency situations with notification of members through email. Motion passes.
Morion #3 Barbara Knight
Lee French 2nd
$4000 cap for tree work if need to exceed $3000 for further tree work. Motion passes.
John Viola Mike Gaige and John Viola met with DEC: stumps on water line will be left per DEC recommendation.
Boat Launch Keys Ellie Parker
Barbara Knight 2nd
If you are selling your house, launch key must be given to a board member.
Once new member pays initial fees and dues, they will receive the key.
Lost keys cost $50 each and members are responsible for cost of replacing key.
Bob and Fran Godgart Fran Godgart Issue resolved.
Locust Road Update Lynda Bablin Blocked culvert took weeks to clear but is now cleared.
Association Concern:

  • Developer’s Contractor hit Water source on association property causing stagnant water issues ongoing since last August.
  • Multiple requests have been made for repairs but there have been no call backs from the developer or their attorney.
Lynda Bablin Any association member communications to the Board must be sent to all Board members for any consideration of their issue/concern.
Motion #4 Renee Farley
Bob Godgart 2nd
Request to put decorative rocks, bushes, and plants not to exceed 4 feet in height on corner of Locust Road and Silver Beach Road on association property Motion fails
Ballots counted:
Yes: 21
No: 26
Abstain: 2
Lynda Bablin Email concerns or request for changes of By-Laws to association Secretary prior to the September meeting.
Election for Directors Ellie Parker – nominates
Barbara Wennik – 2nds nominations
Director Seat Bobby Decelle (presently held by Bobby Decelle)
Director Seat Mike Gaige (presently held by Mike Gaige)
Seeing no other nominations – vote cast by Secretary
John Viola Please keep Jeff Schraner, Jr. (son of association member Jeff Schraner) in your prayers. He was in a serious motorcycle accident.
Motion to Adjourn Barbara Knight
John Bablin 2nd
Meeting adjourned at 11:50am. Meeting Adjourned



Lakeside Acres Association

2015 Semi-Annual Meeting
September 05, 2015
Meeting Minutes


Meeting Starts:

Meeting Ends:

Meeting Place:

Purpose of Meeting:

9:07 am

9:34 am

Lake Front

Semi-Annual Meeting
September 05, 2015

Roles for this Meeting: Participants:
Leader: John Viola
Recorder: Lori Brush
Invited Guests: N/A


Meeting Open John Viola Started at 9:07 am.
Minute Acceptance John Viola Minutes from July 2015 as stands.
Old Business
Introduction of New Members John Viola Welcome to Tom & Tracey Lucas and Owen McCaffrey.
Lakefront Protection Project John Viola Contractors contacted.

Need to determine funding collected to date.
Recontact contractors for prices with known funds available.
Goal is 600 feet to be done; current plan is 450 feet with current funds available.
Will not ask for additional funds at this time. The first phase and most critical area need to be completed.
First phase is 450-600 feet from Bridge next to Foley property north along lakeshore where the worst of the erosion is.

Just utilities.
Peter Scalici Can move funds from Capital Fund to Lakeshore Protection Project if necessary to complete first phase.
William Sykela Will use the money collected to date for this phase although some members have not paid.
In future, may ask for $ to do more lake front.Discussion ensued. Question asked what can be done about members who haven’t paid.
John Viola Working with the SLAA lawyer.
Family Day Report John Viola
  • Budget $2500.
  • Total spent: $2687.08
  • 50/50 raffle total collected $240. Virginia Clarke won half and contributed back $40 leaving $160 for SLAA
  • Keg return $90
  • Final Cost: $2437 with $63 returned to SLAA.

Special Thanks to Mark McNary for all the meat and rolls; to Ed Degenhart for the Bouncy Bounce, water slide, Sumo wrestling and the bright night; to Jim Parisi for the refrigerators; and to the Lakeside Boys for the musical entertainment.

New Business John Viola Email Update:

  • Please make sure the Secretary has your most current email.

Lakefront Water Lines:

  • Damage occurred to a property owner’s water line on Family Day from stakes.
  • Association paid the repair cost to the owner.
  • Recommendation is to mark out water lines on lakefront and determine depth buried.
  • In the future, the Association will not be responsible for any lines (electric/water) that are buried less than 3 feet below surface.

Denis and Barb Linehan requested in writing for drainage line to be placed across Lake Shore Drive and lakefront. Will be monitored by Board as the work is completed.


  • Lawyer to make recommendations to update Bylaws.
  • Bylaws are being reviewed as part of the major changes to the Not for Profit Laws in NYS this past year.
  • Docks and Moorings to conform to State and Federal Law.
  • Association has the right to control 100 feet out from lakefront. This has been challenged in both State and Federal Courts and ruled in favor of land owners.
  • Docks are a privilege not a right.

Brief discussion ensued. Mr. Morse volunteered to help.
SLAA attorney will review contract with contractor chosen for Lakefront Protection Project prior to signing contract.

The willow tree discussed at last meeting will be removed in the winter.

Collamer and Schuyler were re-stoned.

Renter Rules:

  • Property owner is responsible for their renters; they must familiarize the renters with the association’s Bylaws.
  • Recent problem with renters being disrespectful to owners and not complying with Bylaws.

SLAA Attorney is not a member of the association and specializes in this particular type of law.

Question brought forward from member regarding trailer pre new construction on corner of Collamer – this is a town issue not the association.

Motion to Adjourn Bylaws:

  • Attorney looking at all the Bylaws to update and be more specific.
  • The Bylaws need to be solid with growth of the association.

Motion by Virginia Clarke to adjourn.
2nd by Barbara Knight.


Meeting adjourned at 9:34am.



Lakeside Acres Association

2015 Semi-Annual Meeting
July 04, 2015
Meeting Minutes


Meeting Starts:

Meeting Ends:

Meeting Place:

Purpose of Meeting:

10:15 am

12:07 pm

Lake Place

Semi-Annual Meeting
July 04, 2015

Roles for this Meeting: Participants:
Leader: Lynda Bablin
Recorder: Lori Brush
Invited Guests: N/A


Meeting Open Lynda Bablin Started at 10:15 am; New members: $400 initiation and $150 per year.
Minute Acceptance Lynda Bablin Minutes from August 2014 as stands.
Introduction of New Members Lynda Bablin Welcome to Joan & Mike Carbone, Ron & Trish Shannon, Eileen & Lee French, and Kyle Trippany.
Old Business Lynda Bablin Update on legal issues in November.


Changes – Utilities over LSAA need to follow new guidelines for approval. Information will be in the by-laws and on the website.


Locust Road Subdivision approved by the town.


There is a Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting 7/7/15 at 7pm regarding the Locust Road Subdivision variance request for one lot.

John Viola Drainage:

  • Town study never went far enough.
  • All 3 associations are upset about Malta causing problems
  • Hopefully a new Supervisor will change things.
  • Filling in ditches causes issues.
  • Property owners have filled in ditches; owners need to culvert the roads.
  • From now on the town will look very closely at any new building; not a lot we can do about it.
  • We could solve the drainage problems but members need to vote and pay for it
Just utilities.
New Business Lynda Bablin Email Update:

  • Please make sure the Secretary has your most current email.
  • Email usage initiated for Board use only

Discussion ensued.
Majority agreed to allow SLAA members to use group email for communication.

  • Some are out of date
  • SLAA Attorney to review old and new laws; will take 5-10 hours at rate of $300/hour.
  • Updated Bylaws will be brought to SLAA meeting July 2016.

Discussion ensued.

  • Lawyer will review just what was approved since the last review. Also need regulations as to easements on SLAA property to be added.
  • The redlined By-laws will be sent to the membership before wording changes to conform to NYS Law.
Motion #1 Attorney cost of up to $3000 related to Bylaws review and update Motion by Barbara Knight
Second by Michael O’Connor
Motion Approved.
Jon Viola Family Day:

  • August 1, 2015; start 1pm at lakefront
  • In-house local band to play on Barbara Winick’s deck.
  • Donations from Mark McNary and Ed Degenhart
  • 50/50 raffle to offset costs.
  • Evening of Friday, July31st – tent will be set up on boat launch.
  • Please mark your dishes so they can be returned to you.
  • Will work off same budget of $2500.
Motion #2 $2500 for Family Day 2015 Motion – Jim Parisi
Second – Barbara Wennik
Motion Approved.
Lynda Bablin Launch from waterfront

  • Anything on a trailer must be launched at boat launch.
Motion #3 July meeting on non-holiday weekend. Motion – Renee Farley
Second – Richard RudzinskiDiscussion took place to change one of the meeting dates to a non-holiday weekend.
Friendly Amendment One of the two annual meetings to be on a non holiday weekend Motion – Penny Howansky
Amendment agreed to by Renee Farley
Motion Fails.
Rick Gifford Docks:

  • Docks not put in on time
  • Docks in wrong spots, crowding in one area
  • No authority for SLAA to enforce.
  • Propose dock committee to meet and send formal notices to those not in compliance.

Discussion ensued.

Mike O’Connor Protocol – go to dock committee if an individual has an issue about getting their dock put in by June 1st.

Mike O’Connor has dock list. History of not consistent spacing.

Mike O’Connor needs new owner’s names.

Docks liable by owner.

Motion #4 Establish notification process for people not in compliance with dock rules Motion – Rick Gifford
Second – Jeff CarleDock committee will send letter by registered mail.
Motion Approved.
Mike Gaige Willow tree by Schuyler overhanging lake will be looked at now and addressed when docks are out of lake in October.
Glenn Witecki DEC regulations – must leave stump

Offer to pave a portion of Crum Road while paving his driveway.

Board aware of offer and has discussed.

Concerns: Drainage issue and setting precedence for paving to home owners.

Motion #5 Pave Crum Road by and at cost to Glenn Witecki Motion – Glenn Witecki
Second – Bob Godgart
Motion Fails.
Peter Scalici Thank you to Mr. Kimball for all his cooperation with SLAA prior to and during his construction.
President Lynda Bablin Nominated by Barbara Knight; 2nd by Jim Parisi

No further nominations.

Secretary Casts vote
Vice-President John Viola Nominated by Jim Parisi; 2nd by John Bablin
No further nominations.
Secretary Casts vote
Treasurer Peter Croote Nominated by Salli Viola; 2nd by Albert Valente
No further nominations.
Secretary Casts vote
Secretary Lori Bush Nominated by Barbara Knight; 2nd by Barbara Wennik

No further nominations.

Secretary Casts vote
Directors Jeff Schraner



Gary Allain


Steve Schuman


Pat Doyle

Nominated by Jim Parisi; 2nd by Dave Fedorchak


Nominated by Rick Gifford; 2nd by Sue Sykela


Nominated by Salli Viola; 2nd by John Bablin


Nominated by Paul Lucier; 2nd by Mark McNary


Each nominee gave brief speech to reason for seeking election.

  • Thank you to Steve Schuman for 2 years of service to SLAA as a Director.
Elected Jeff Schraner and Gary Allain.
Albert Valenti Sand on the beach after winter turns to mud and gets in lake. People should leave the large rocks on the shore to stop that from happening.
Presentation of Lake Front Study by Mike Gaige Erosion Remediation


  • Work to begin after docks removed from water.
  • Decision to use cobbles, graded from shore to water
  • Dock owners can elect to place stone steps between docks for easier access to lake. Cost of buying the stones will be incurred by dock owner. Installation will be incorporated into cobble placement.
  • Approximately 500-600 feet of critical area will be done with $300 assessment that was approved at August 2014 meeting (see minutes)
Motion #6 Accept Lake Front Protection Plan at cost of $300/member household Motion by Peter Scalici
2nd by Gary Allain
Motion Approved.
Adjourn Meeting Motion by Lynda Bablin to adjourn.

2nd by Gary Allain.


Meeting adjourned at 12:07pm



Lakeside Acres Association

2014 Annual Meeting
August 30, 2014
Meeting Minutes


Agenda Items: (check all applicable) Time Allocation
Review of Minutes: Lynda Bablin
Old Business: Lynda Bablin
New Business: Lynda Bablin

Meeting Starts:

Meeting Ends:

Meeting Place:

Purpose of Meeting:

10:08 am

11:52 am

Lake Front

Semi-Annual Meeting
August 30, 2014

Roles for this Meeting: Participants:
Leader: Lynda Bablin
Recorder: Lori Brush
Invited Guests: N/A


Meeting Open Lynda Bablin Started at 10:08am
Minute Acceptance Lynda Bablin Minutes from July 2014 accepted as stands.
Old Business: Lynda Bablin No new members.
Locust Road Subdivision Update:
  • Sewer moratorium remains in place since 2007.
  • No further updates.

John ViolaUpdate town of Malta Drainage Study

  • Shelter Therm contract to build house.
  • We are in touch with the Building Department.
  • Randy Croote did study showing 2000 gallons/minute of water flows onto Shelter Therm property. This water will be dumped onto Parisi and Schraener properties if building occurs.
  • Any new building must have comprehensive study.
  • Riley Cove’s property on Silver Beach Road is being logged and road built.
  • Highway Superintendent aware and has concerns

William SykelaShould a letter from the association be sent?Send individual letters to Building Department. Lynda BablinBuilding Department is keeping the association informed, especially since our lawsuit. John Viola is on the Town Planning Board and keeping the association updated. Rick GiffordLakefront Study:

  • Key points from Mike Gaige’s July Report (see July minutes)
  • Recommend 550 feet for first phase.

Pompa Brothers
-Need 180 tons stone at cost of $27,000
Champlain Stone
-Need 144 tons stone at cost of $27,000.
$28-29,000 total for stone and rip rap
$31,000 total material and delivery.
Dan Sullivan and Stiles Contractors contacted for estimates to do work.
Mike’s conclusion is at this level of work we need contractor support. We can do some of backfill.

Probable $20-30,000 contractor cost.
Mike’s recommendation how to pay for it:
$150/owner X 3 years=$36,000
$200/owner X 3 years=$48,000

Peter ScaliciDo half of 550feet to start?This area is critical and speed of work for this area is significant.

Long term commitment.

Paul LucierPlan for rest of lakefront. Peter ScaliciAsk Mike what areas of the plan stages are endangered. John ViolaDEC states can’t reclaim land after it is lost. Glen WiteckiSuggest $500 onetime assessment. Steve SchumanAsk for grant money as Paul had suggested. Paul LucierAsk Saratoga Lake Protection and Improvement District for financial assistance. Mike O’ConnorRiley Cove owners do own work. Pam BarnesSuggests $150 twice a year to start work next year. Lynda BablinWe can’t put the association into debt. The money for this work will be needed up front. We should have larger number of owner’s input if we are to have a large assessment. Randy CrooteMust also count into cost repair of work areas. Work trucks for the stone are >20,000 tons. Bob GodgartVoiced concern about how to get his dock in and out with stone. Suggests looking into cost of pouring concrete. Mike O’ConnorSuggests ramps built over stone for access. Peter ScaliciNeed more owners input to decide. Salli ViolaWhat is the point of having a quorum if not going to vote? Everyone knows the dates of the meetings. If we wait another year to decide, we are delaying the work further. Lynda BablinFollow up with SLPD Rick GiffordFirst question should be are we willing to do work?
How many are interested in paying $500 up front?
Suggest send out information after the numbers to do the work are confirmed with vote in July 2015.
Further discussion ensued. Motion #2Glen Witecki
2nd Barbara Winnick$300 onetime assessment this fall, get permits, put out bids, determine final cost and have final assessment for balance in July, start construction in one year for hardening lake front for prevention of shore erosion.Motion passed.Motion #3Ellie ParkerMotion to amend Motion #2 to set a cap on July assessment.Motion withdrawn by E. Parker


Motion #4Glen Witecki
2nd Rick GiffordMotion to amend Motion #2 to provide two quotes minimally for membership to determine the bid to be accepted and voted on as final assessment. Motion passed.Motion #5Glen Witecki
2nd Jeff SchraenerMotion to amend Motion #2 to add October 31st due date for $300 assessment.Motion passed.Motion #6Mike O’Connor

2nd Gary Alaine

$300 on time assessment must be paid by July 1, 2015 or owner will lose dock space.Motion failed. Lynda BablinJune 1st is the latest date for docks/lifts/etc. to be off lakefront. New BusinessJohn ViolaReport on Family Day 2014:
Special Thanks to:
Mark McNary who donated most of the food.
Ed Degenhart who donated water slide and maze.
Peter Scalici who returned $50 of 50/50 raffle.
Barbara Winnick and Pat Doyle for electricity and water.
Jim Parisi for refrigerators.
$2500 budget:
Cost -$2396.39
50/50 +$216
Total: $2180.39
$319 returned to treasurer
Singer stung after 1st set and unable to complete. He would not accept any money.
Over 300 people throughout day attended. Mary LucierRequest update on lawsuitTown removed from lawsuit. Lawsuit persists against developer. Salli ViolaRequests letter be sent to property owners on King Road next to Yvonne to clean up property.To be done. Bob GodgartCulvert to lake between Godgart and Gifford of unknown origin spilling rust into lake. Requests association assistance. John ViolaWill look into. Bob GodgartCan we get real water into association.Looked into in past and cost prohibitive. Recommended to talk to town supervisor. John ViolaCongratulations to past president Pete Scalici who recently became a grandfather. Lynda BablinPermission has been given to Bob Gogard to remove conduit on lake front.
Note that any permanent types of easements on association owned property must be approved by the membership. Motion to AdjournPaul Lucier
2nd Barbara WinnickMeeting adjourned at 11:52 am.


Lakeside Acres Association

2014 Annual Meeting
July 5, 2014
Meeting Minutes


Agenda Items: (check all applicable) Time Allocation
Review of Minutes: Lynda Bablin
Old Business: Lynda Bablin
New Business: Lynda Bablin

Meeting Starts:

Meeting Ends:

Meeting Place:

Purpose of Meeting:

10:06 am

12:02 pm

Lake Front

Semi-Annual Meeting
July 5, 2014

Roles for this Meeting: Participants:
Leader: Lynda Bablin
Recorder: Lori Brush
Invited Guests: N/A


Meeting Open Lynda Bablin Started at 10:06am
Introduction of New Members Lynda Bablin Welcome to Mark and Kristin McNary who live on 4 Oak Rd.

Pete Scalici

Minute Acceptance Lynda Bablin Minutes from August 2013 as stands
Treasurer’s Report Percy Croote Members can refer to written minutes held by secretary.

Treasurer’s Report accepted as stands.

Old Business: Lynda Bablin Locust Road Subdivision Update:

  • Sewer moratorium remains in place since 2007.
  • Grinder pumps being replaced.
  • Further update at September 2014 and July 2015 meetings.
  • Town controls new home building in relation to sewer moratorium.

Update town of Malta Drainage Study

  • Peter Klotz brings up study at every town meeting but SLAA not specifically mentioned.
  • The association recommends home owners do the best they can to keep culverts open.
  • When homeowners fill in culverts, drainage goes onto your neighbor’s property.
  • The town study states drainage is all related to the Beavers and the Dams they build; however, Town Board Members understand that is not the real issue.

Discussion ensued.

Albert Valenti Association members are filling in drainage areas.
John Viola The town has realized the drainage problem. For future builds, there will be a drainage study required.
Lynda Bablin
  • Theft, vandalism are part of the Criminal Code. Call police or sheriff when these occur.
  • Civil issues, i.e. loud music, must be reported to The Town Enforcement Officer. You must file a written formal complaint. The form can be obtained online.
  • Need to work out issues with your neighbors.
  • There are no penalties in our bylaws for the above.
  • The SLAA attorney recommends we should have something in the bylaws.
  • The Board has no control over the above.
Rick Gifford Update- June 1st is the latest date for docks/lifts/etc. to be off lakefront.
Mile O’Connor Unaware of this as member of dock committee.
Lynda Bablin
  • Decided a couple of years ago for June 1st deadline.
John Viola
  • Will include reminder of deadline on dues notice. If you need help with your dock, let board know.
Marry Ellen Scuman It is appreciated, if you aren’t physically capable of assisting with putting docks in, that you be there to assist in any manner (drinks, tools, etc.)
Review of Lake Front Study by Mike Gaige
  • See attached in depth report attached.
  • History: 30 years of observation; prior to today left to individuals and only about 3 homeowners have done work to shoreline; this is not working.
  • Report reviewed page by page.
  • Will need Army Corp and DEC permits to do work.


Renee Farley -Roll out Docks, owners can place wood ramps over stones.
Bob Godgart -Recommends concrete that looks like stones.
Paul Lucier -Whole lakefront?
Mike Gaige
  • Project could cost between $20,000-$60,000.
  • Suggest payments from homeowners over 3 years.
  • Entire lakefront needs to be done with priority areas first.
Renee Farley -Fundraiser to cover cost?
Steve Minogue – Thank you to Mike for study. Requests $ figure by September meeting and recommended start date.
Mike Gaige
  • Work can be done by us but will require machines and workers.
  • Start this fall and do small area.
Renee Farley -Recommends communicate work days by e-mail.
Ellie Parker – Recommends giving options for payment and working.
Richard Morse – Motion to have cost and make decision for fall project by September meeting. (Motion not necessary at this time)
Travis Croteau – Knows local quarry owner and will look into prices.
Paul Lucier – Recommends not delaying work due to loss of lakefront each year.
Mike Gaige
  • Need prices/foot first.
  • Work to be done in phases.
  • Material options discussed.
  • Volunteers needed to assist towards recommendation.
Lynda Bablin
  • Motion will be made at September meeting for work, cost and payment; if you can not attend please have proxy that knows your wishes.
Albert Valenti – Members must not take stones from lakefront or cut trees; if you notice rocks moved by storms, please move them back.
John Lansburg – Asked about outcome of not being able to rent your dock out to non-association members, specifically aimed at Farley.
Lynda Bablin
  • This was addressed with the individual in the past.
  • Can’t rent docks due to insurance company will drop the SLAA.
  • You can rent or share dock with another association member.
  • Docks are on honor system. If something occurs, the association is liable.
  • Renters of homes in the association have same rights as owner.
  • This issue was aimed at rule breakers.
Rick Gifford
  • You can share your dock with an SLAA member.
New Business Lynda Bablin
  • Please update e-mail with Secretary.
John Viola
  • Condolences to the Teal family. Jill Teal recently passed. Fruit basket sent from the SLAA.

Family Day:

  • August 2, 2014; start 1pm at lakefront
  • 50/50 raffle to offset costs.
  • Will work off same budget of $2500.
Speed Bumps -4th Speed Bump for King Road approved at past meeting.
Denis Linehan Discussion ensued amongst members.
Decision made to purchase and place additional speed bump on King Road.
Renee Farley Requesting speed bump on Collamer. Discussion ensued due to history of other homeowners on Collamer not wanting speed bump.
Farley will follow-up with Collamer homeowners. If majority, will further discuss at future meeting.
Lake Rash
Mike O’Connor -Recommends not feeding ducks. Duck feces carries virus that causes rash.
Bob Godgart -In water about 10feet from shoreline. Recommends rinse off and towel dry after exposure to lake water to prevent rash.
Renee Farley -Reported rash of unknown cause.
Mike O’Connor -Need process to reclaim dock space for any members who are past 2 years in owed dues.
Paul Lucier -Recommended Mike Gaige contact local/state assemblyman about public grants for saving lakefront. Money could offset cost to members.
John Lansburg -Complaining about encounter with another member.
Recommendation from other members that all members speak respectfully to each other.
William Sykela See attachment.
Percy Croote -See treasurer at end of meeting for dues not paid or check not cashed.
Motion #1 Director (held by Peter Scalici) Peter Scalici nominated by Mike O’Connor; 2nd by Kevin Moran.
Director (held by Rick Gifford) William Sykela nominated by Rick Gifford; 2nd by Renee Farley

  • Thank you to Rick Gifford for 2 years of service to SLAA as a Director.
Secretary casts vote.
Motion #2 Adjourn Meeting Motion by Albert Valenti..

Meeting adjourned at 12:02pm.



Lakeside Acres Association

2013 Annual Meeting
August 31, 2013
Meeting Minutes


Agenda Items: (check all applicable) Time Allocation
Review of Minutes: Lynda Bablin
Old Business: Lynda Bablin
New Business: Lynda Bablin

Meeting Starts:

Meeting Ends:

Meeting Place:

Purpose of Meeting:

10:03 am

11:02 am

Lake Front

Semi-Annual Meeting
August 31, 2013

Roles for this Meeting: Participants:
Leader: Lynda Bablin
Recorder: Lori Brush
Invited Guests: N/A
Meeting Open Lynda Bablin Started at 10:03am
Update of Officers elected at July Meeting Lynda Bablin President: Lynda Bablin
Vice President: John Viola
Treasurer: Percy Croote
Secretary: Lori Brush
New Board Members:
Mike Gaige

Pete Scalici Minute AcceptanceLynda BablinMinutes from September 2012 and August 2013 accepted as stands Treasurer’s ReportPercy CrooteChecking: $6215.76
Savings: $7005.38
Total: $13,221.14
Total Members Dues Paid to date=79
Total Members Special Assessment Dues Paid to date=to be determined Motion #1Motion by Gary Allain; 2nd by Mike O’ConnellAccept Treasurer’s ReportNo QuorumOld BusinessLynda Bablin

No new members

Locust Road Subdivision Update:

  • Attempt to settle since July meeting unsuccessful

Update town of Malta

  • Town Holding Public Hearings, purpose to discuss drainage.
  • August hearing attended by SLAA and Riley’s Cove members.
  • New drainage, new covert for $300-$600 per home per year in both associations.
  • Excuse for increased water is from Beavers and Dams they build per the town.
  • Three large ponds in back area not studied by Town’s Engineers.
  • Both associations against further studies and should end because study not complete.
  • If they don’t stop study, will need Permissive Referendum and then Public Vote.
  • Dave Fedorchak request letter to go to town from LSAA.
  • Town Supervisor requested to Lynda to attend this meeting – Lynda responded no due to short notice and limited study.
  • John Viola and Lynda will keep SLAA abreast of occurrences.

Randy CrooteEngineer Study – Town should consider moratorium for building, states each property to maintain own water.

Spoke to Supervisor regarding what is being done to study water.

Holding Ponds behind Steeple Chase back up capacity – all ponds are at capacity so that every drop that goes in comes out. The ponds are not being maintained below level and study ignored this fact.

John ViolaHelen and Jerry Whites’ Party:

  • 40 people attended
  • 12 roses given to Helen instead of plaque
  • $400 collected from members and given as gift.

Helen and Jerry are missed.

Lynda BablinThank to John for organizing and running party.

Family Day very successful.

John ViolaFamily Day:

  • 50/50 raffle returned $124 to winner Marie Costello who donated back $65 to SLAA.
  • Total cost $2376.00
  • Thanks to Jimmy Parisi for refrigerators.
  • Thanks to Tim Knight for clams.
  • Thanks to everyone who helped with cooking, set up, clean up, and games.
  • Thanks to entertainment.

Will work off same budget next year.

Gary MangioneQuestioned stones across Lake Front. Lynda BablinMike Gaige still studying Lake Front. Any improvement to Lake Front must be approved by Board. Renee FarleyRequest made for speed bumps on Collamer between Martin’s and Farley’s properties. Lynda BablinSpeed limit with ATV – children without helmets have been noted and are speeding. SLAA liable for injury on our roads. Stop them when you notice, speak to your neighbors, and/or call police.

Dave Freightenburgh will investigate liability.

New Business


Lori BrushPlease update e-mails with me in order to save SLAA money and allow for more rapid notifications. Lynda BablinBylaws – Penalties, Fraud, Docks. Mike O’ConnorSuggest 2 year limit of hardship for dues not paid and then loose dock privileges. Lynda BablinViolation of Bylaws- if criminal get police involved.
Need to narrow bylaws to decrease liability. Members violating Bylaws discussion followed:
Discussion ensued amongst members involving problems that could arise with taking dock privileges. Boat launch privileges discussed. Monetary fines discussed.
Without quorum could not finalize any decisions.

President Lynda request members to think about this, keep an open mind and read bylaws so we can discuss at next meeting. Motion #2

Bob Godgart; 2nd by Ellie Parker


Bylaw penalties for destruction to SLAA by members and/or member’s guests not to occur.No Quorum Tom ClarkPatrick Dunbar passed away after recent surgery. Collection made in Tom’s area and flowers were sent. Sunday Luau by his family and all are invited. John ViolaLived in blue house by the Clarks. He was a 30 year member of the association. Mike O’ConnorQuiet guy, enjoyed camp, loved Elvis, never bothered anyone. History- his house was Bishop McGuins home. Gary MangioneLived next door to him for 35 years. Spoke about Patrick Dunbar. Lori Brush$50 donation made by SLAA to St. Judes Children’s Hospital in lieu of flowers. Lynda BablinZoning Board of Appeals:

Witecki requesting variance for patio. Meeting Tuesday.

Maureen MoulderThanks association for wonderful summer.

Found rabies vaccine tag – left by sign.

Pete ScaliciGlasses found in lake on picnic table. Mike O’ConnorIs everyone paid up last 2 years?

Treasurer – most people paid.

John ViolaThank you to Peter Scalici for serving as SLAA president for the last 8 years. Gift certificate given instead of plaque. Peter ScaliciWe always tried to do what was right for the association. We enjoyed the summers. We got a lot accomplished. “Thank you very much”. Motion to Adjourn MeetingMike Gaige;

2nd by Frank Parker

Meeting Adjourned at 11:02am.


Lakeside Acres Association

2013 Annual Meeting
July 6, 2013
Meeting Minutes


Meeting Open Peter Scalici Open at 10:03am
New Members Introduced:
Frank and Melissa Klotz
Peggy O’Shea
Minutes Peter Scalici From September 2012 Meeting not approved by Board due to revisions necessary
Appointments from last meeting Peter Scalici Percy Croote – Treasurer (due to
Helen White’s move from
Lori Brush – Secretary (to fill Percy Croote’s position)
Jerry and Helen White Peter Scalici Due to move from SLAA, all members urged to continue working together to fill the gap left from the White’s leaving for the ongoing benefit of SLAA
Old Business Lynda Bablin Update from Lynda Bablin on
Legal Action SLAA has
  • April 2012 – Initial Malta Town Board Conditional Approval of Subdivision west of Silver Beach Road and north of Collamer
  • SLAA filed Hybrid Article 78 naming Malta Town Planning Board and Renee Farley as defendants.
  • July 2012 – Malta Town Planning Board rescinds approval.
  • July – December 2012 no changes
  • January 15, 2013 Malta Town Planning Board gives conditional approval with stipulations resulting from items noted in Article 78.
  • Farley approached the Planning Department to get approval to use holding tanks rather than wait for Sewer approvals. Planning Department denies Farley Holding Tanks.
  • Farley’s attorney initiates negotiations for settlement with SLAA attorney.
  • By 2/27/13, approximately 2/3 of negotiated items are agreed upon between two parties.
  • March 2013 –Negotiations halted due to ongoing delays by Farley.
  • 4/1/13 Message left by SLAA attorney for Farley’s attorney with no response.
  • 4/8/13 Farley’s attorney informs SLAA that they will not negotiate any further will SLAA.
  • Malta Town Planning Board was removed from Hybrid Article 78 and Ian Farley was added due to his ownership of the home on Locust Road.
  • SLAA takes action for financial savings that the SLAA attorney will no longer have discussions with Farley attorney unless preapproved through Lynda Bablin.
  • Paperwork distributed by R. Farley to members prior to meeting contained inaccuracies; following are the facts: 1) SLAA Board of Directors never stopped negotiations; 2) Hybrid Article 78 always named R. Farley as defendant; and 3) R. Farley has never aided in improving the water drainage problem in the SLAA.
  • Specifics of the Litigation can not be discussed at the meeting as per the SLAA attorney.

Peter Scalici

The above litigation has cost the LSAA approximately $21,000 to date and R. Farley is the only member to ever have cost the association litigation costs.


Discussions ensued
regarding development of properties.


Discussions ended due to

questions specific to litigation as per the advice of the LSAA attorney.

Treasurer’s ReportPercy CrooteChecking = $2638.72
Capitol Improvement = $6395.74
Savings = $7005.38

Total $16039.84 Motion #1

Motion by Jim Parisi;

2nd by Ed Degenhart

One time assessment $100 per family to replenish legal fees in the checking/savings accounts of the SLAA. Assessment due by the September 2013 meeting.Motion Passed; Renee Farley and Ian Farley (by proxy) wish to go on record as opposed.Land DevelopmentJohn ViolaUpdated association on development going on in area that can affect SLAA particularly with drainage; i.e. 63 Acres by one developer, Shelter Therm property sub-divided and being sold, and 100 Acres of Farone Builders. The Goal is to protect SLAA by assuring the Malta Town Planning Board adheres to their own rules regarding developing land. Summary Judgment in court. Motion #2Motion by Mike O’Connor; 2nd by Dave FedorchakCancel Family Day 2013 due to the large amount of funds paid for legal services.Motion denied.DrainageJohn Viola


SLAA and Riley’s Cove Association petitioned study by Malta Town Board through Chazon Engineering from Route 9 corridor to Drummond Creek; New construction on Route 9 using Holding Tanks which increase water drainage into Drummon Creek; Last report from the Town Board states it is an uphill drainage problem due to Beaver Dams.


All members must maintain own covert pipes. Do Not divert your drainage to your neighbor’s property.


Next meeting of Malta Town Board is 7/15/13.

RoadsPeter ScaliciAll paper roads are now at maintenance only. Thanks to core group of members maintaining roads. Tree Down Large tree recently fell at south end of SLAA before bridge. Please limit vehicles in the area. Association PropertyPeter ScaliciMust have approval of the SLAA Board prior to making any changes to Association property. New Business Farewell PartyPeter ScaliciFarewell Party for Helen and Jerry White; 7/14/13 at 2pm at Clamstein’s Tavern (see attached flier); see John Viola or Bobby DeCelle. Family DayPeter ScaliciFamily Day, 8/3/13 12noon Lakefront; proposal for tent and tables will be set up on launch ramp 8/2/13 and removed 8/5/13; proposal for $2500 budget (same as last year); All families are asked to bring a side dish. Motion #3Motion by Barbara Knight; 2nd by Steve Minogue.$2500 budget for Family Day 2013 and close launch ramp from 8/2/13 at tent deliver until 8/5/13 at tent removal.Motion Passed.Water ChestnutsLynda BablinSaratoga Lake Water Chestnut Pull on 8/3/13 at 9:30am; see attached flier. SLAA By-lawsLynda BablinMembers asked to bring suggestions to September meeting to add to By-Laws penalties for intentional destruction/detriment to SLAA by members and/or member’s guests. Motion #4Motion by Mike Gaige; 2nd by Dave FedorchakSend Fixed Agenda with Meeting Notice to members 2 weeks prior to meeting. Only Agenda can be discussed at meeting and voted on.Motion Failed.Motion #5Motion by Mike Gaige; 2nd by Salli ViolaSend Agenda, to include Board Positions up for vote when appropriate, with Meeting Notice to members 2 weeks prior to meeting. Items brought forward by Board and/or members may be discussed.Motion Passed.SLPIDMike GaigeProposal for limiting of docks to Saratoga Lakefront; present docks to be grandfathered in; new docks to pay annual fee; Associations not to be included in proposal; proposal is for lake protection; members are encouraged to go SLPID website, read proposal and write letters. LakefrontMike GaigeM. Gaige has been doing informal study over the last few years; over last 30 years have lost approximately 16% of Association Lakefront; Erosion of one foot per year which is caused by ice and storms; Solutions are to plant shrubs (need root system) or harden shore line with concrete or boulders. Will put together proposal for next year to do work over 10 year period. Members encouraged to give input to M. Gaige. Rick Morse will assist Mike. Vandalism at LakefrontJohn ViolaMotor stolen and other objects. Members encouraged to be aware of surroundings and report any suspicious activity. Vote of OfficersPresidentLynda Bablin nominated by Peter Scalici; 2nd by Don Barns.Seeing no further nominations, Secretary casts vote. Vice PresidentJohn Viola nominated by Peter Scalici; 2nd by Mike O’Connor.Seeing no further nominations, Secretary casts vote. TreasurerPercy Croote nominated by Salli Viola; 2nd by Virginia Clark.Seeing no further nominations, Secretary casts vote. SecretaryLori Brush nominated by Maureen Moulder; 2nd by Steve Minogue.Seeing no further nominations, Secretary casts vote. DirectorTom Clark nominated by Lynda Bablin, 2nd by Mike O’Connor;
Bobby DeCelle nominated by Rick Morse, 2nd by Paul Lucier;
Mike Gaige nominated by Lynne Rowlands, 2nd by Yvonne MacMillan;
Barbara Knight nominated by Barbara Knight, 2nd by Salli Viola;
William Sykela
nominated by Mike Gaige, 2nd by Frank Parker.Paper votes cast by members; Bobby DeCelle and Mike Gaige elected to three year term.Outgoing PresidentPeter ScaliciThanks Association for support during his tenure; Thanks Tom Clark for his service to the Board.


Association members thank Peter and Tom for their years of service.


Motion #6Motion by Mike O’Connor; 2nd by Steve MinogueClose Meeting.Motion passed. Meeting closed at 12:11pm.



Lakeside Acres Property Owners

2012 Annual Meeting
September 3, 2012
Meeting Minutes


1. Lynda opened the meeting at 10:08 am. A sign in sheet was passed around and documents were handed out.

2. Lynda and John spoke about a petition going around for the town to do a drainage study. There needed to be enough signatures to require the town to do the study. This incorporates Silver Beach, LSA, and Reilly Cove. Lynda spoke about a moratorium on building until this study is done. Someone asked where the moratorium was and John replied that it would be the whole tax district. Lynda adding Rt. 9 to the Drummond Creek area. Lynda also said anything approved would not count. Renee Farley wanted to know if that included individual lots. Lynda stated no and talked about the 63 acres along Silver Beach Road was being marketed as potential commercial property and how we would not want to have another Steeple Chase on Silver Beach Rd. She didn’t know how it would affect Renee’s project. Renee mentioned that she was building 4 houses on 10.63 and spoke about the drainage having to go somewhere. Barbara Knight said to Renee that she thought she was building on 4. something acres. Renee replied she was building on 10.63 acres. Lynda said oh no because your having that 7 or whatever that is not being developed. Renee said “what”? Barbara stated I thought it was 4. something acres as that are what we were hearing at the meetings. Renee said the maps have been accessible the last five years and stated there was 10.63 acres with four lots the smallest being .92acres, the next 1.38 acres, then 1.68 acres, and the last is 6 acres which would be her personal home. Renee stated the maps are at the town if anyone wants to look at them.

3. Jon spoke about family day. About 300 people came. Good turnout. Went over budget of $2300, spent $2500. The 50/50 covered the extra $200.John will write a report and turn in receipts. Thank you to Jimmy Parisi for 2 refrigerators and to everyone who took part and helped.

4. Helen White, Treasurer, gave treasurers report:

Savings account $328.66
Checking account 2,731.10
CD account 12,796.81
Improve. Fund 3,821.45
Total: $19,678.02


Lynda said anyone wanting to look at the books see Helen. Someone asked how much has been spent on attorney fee’s Lynda stated approximately 7000ish but if they needed an exact amount Helen could get it.

New Business

5. Lynda stated she is treasurer of the big lake association. Spoke about vandalizium on the lake. Lynda’s house was paintballed. Stated how we need to watch out for your neighbor. Renee brought up how she called the sheriff twice about nails in her driveway. John added since Renee brought it up how Renee called the sheriff on him about this incident. He angrily told his side of the story. Lynda brought up about gun fire in the neighborhood. Ian Farley being an offender. While not illegal common courtesy would be not to continue to shoot guns.

6. Talked about SLIPD trying to implement user fees on the lake and dock regulations.

7. Paper roads are owned by association so if you want to do anything with them talk to the board first. They are not clearing any of them.

8. Spoke about roster. Any corrections see Steve Schuman.

9. Motion to adjourn meeting by Mr. Mangione. Meeting adjourned.

Lakeside Acres Property Owners

2012 Annual Meeting
July 7, 2012
Meeting Minutes


Pete opened the meeting at 10:10 am.

Letters prior to meeting had been sent, proxy rules will be strictly adhered to.

Attorney for Renee Farley, Andy Brick was introduced.

Helen White gave Treasurer’s report. Books are open to members in good standing. Motion to accept report by Pam Barnes seconded by Tom Clark.

  • Dues breakdown was explained as follows:
      • $100 into General Fund
      • $50 into Capital Improvement (signs, capital improvement, roads, trees, etc)

Saratoga Lake Association is requesting no cash donations due to excess revenue and tax liability.

Pete reiterated that Lakeside Acres does not pay anyone for labor. All raking and dragging is done by volunteers, reimbursement is for gas only. Thanks given to Gerry White for putting up all the signs. Members advised to watch speed with increased children. Jim Parisi requested if children exceeding speed limits on vehicles please politely advise children at the time.

Linda Bablin gave an overview of the Article 78 filed with the Town of Malta regarding the proposed 4 lot subdivision and the conflicts with zoning , road vs driveway issue, drainage, fire protection access, neighboring properties and association property ownership. To date $6100 has been spent on attorney fees regarding this issue noting that Linda has done a considerable amount work to keep costs down. Anyone wanting more info please see Linda for specifics.

Discussion on issue of drainage in the Drummond Creek corridor. The three associations are involved regarding increased flooding in the last ten years, curtailing development and Town’s suggestion of a “drainage tax district”. A petition was introduced requiring the Town to address 10 issues. The requirement of the Town to do a drainage study and the possibility of a referendum on a tax district was discussed. See John Voila for further details.

Bobby DeCelle will now oversee the stone distrubution. King Road and boat launch receive stone yearly, other roads as needed. Contact Association if you feel your road needs stone.

Increased budget was requested for Family Day on July 28th for bigger tent. Motion for $2300 Family Day budget by Ed Dagenhart seconded by Jim Parisi. Jim will order tent which will be set up in boat launch Friday thru Sunday. 50/50 raffle will also be held during Family Day.

Two board positions up for election. Jeff Schraner and John Viola ran unopposed, Secretary voted for the slate.

Riley’s Cove contacted Association about closing the fence for golf carts. Suggestion made to plant post in middle of opening to allow bikes and walkers/runners but not carts. Members voiced both pros and cons to the restriction and the problems with under age drivers. It was agreed to contact the president of Riley’s Cove for discussion.

If fill is needed for lakefront contact Association for use of capital funds.

Homeowners are responsible for culverts in front of their property. Association will address rusted pipes on Association property. It was recommended as an Association to take care of drainage issues within our own association.

Gerry White requested permission to run power across Association property to lake. Dave Freightenburgh offered to do professional inspection. Motion to gerant permission by Linda Bablin seconded by Paul Lucier.

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Jim Parisi second by Bobby DeCelle. The next meeting is scheduled for Sept. 1.


Lakeside Acres Property Owners

2011 Annual Meeting
September 3, 2011
Meeting Minutes


Pete opened the meeting at 10:15 a.m.

A quorum was not present and as a result no votes on issues could be taken. The meeting was held for discussion purposes only.

Family day receipts have yet to be received.

For the first time there are no late dues!

An audit was performed on the treasurers books in July..all was in order with only minor corrections.

A plaque was presented to Barb Knight in recognition for her 9 years of service and dedication as secretary for Lakeside Acres.

Drive slow signs were put up. 5 mph signs are on order and will be put up by the slow signs when they come in. Association had voted for 4 speed bumps at July meeting, 3 have been placed on King Road, 4th will be placed next year. Membership discussed if 4 was too many. Peter stated it definitely slows drivers. Though few members speed, most speeding is done by guests and younger drivers. There was a discussion on number and spacing. Ellie expressed concern weighing safety resulting from the speed bumps versus excess inconvenience of too many bumps. Speed bumps will be removed by Columbus Day.

Family Day report from John Viola: Good turnout despite weather. Larger tent needed for next year and possibly music. Will need a larger budget to do so but will check at July 2012 meeting. This year Family Day came in $30 under budget. Thanks to everyone involved in clean-up.

Ellie announced Friday night kayaking, all are welcome.

Dave Fedorchak expressed concern about rocks involved in new construction; will talk to Ira.

Jeff Schraner announced Oct 2nd 10:00am 8-10 trees ranging from 8-10 feet tall will be planted at designated areas. Trees compatible with the area were selected by Mike Gage.


Barb suggested written notices for next meeting should be mailed to insure quorum. New notices should include dates of both meetings and Family Day along with dues. Will check with Steve Schuman if e-mailing notices can be done once the new roster is complete.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.


Lakeside Acres Property Owners

2011 Annual Meeting
July 2, 2011
Meeting Minutes


1) Pete opened the meeting at 10:10 am. A sign-in sheet was passed around.
2) Sophia Parisi, Jeremy White, Mariah Carl and Emily McMillan are holding a lemonade stand to benefit Heart 9/11 associated with John Viola.

3) Moment of silence for Mrs. O’Connor a long time member who passed away.
4) New members. Babies born over winter. John and Salli Viola have 2 new grandchildren, and Paul and Mary Lucier new grandparents, Ed and Jen Degenhart, Bob and Renee DeCelle, Patrick and Melissa Doyle are new parents. Congratulations.

5) Minutes of last minute were reviewed and approved by the board as per bylaws and will be posted on the website.

6) Treasurer’s report, Helen White:
CD: $17,528.06
Savings: 6,177.16
Improv. Fund 3,096.22
Check. Acct. 3,212.64
Total $30,014.08
Approx. $2000.00 will go out after meeting for insurance and Saratoga Lake Assoc. donation. More money is coming in for outstanding dues.
Pete announced the annual audit was done and all reconciled.
Tim O’Connor made a motion to approve the report, 2nd by Jim Parisi, show of hands approved.

7) New signs went up, thank you to everyone that worked on them…Jimmy Parisi, Patrick Doyle.

8) Steve Schuman spoke about new roster. Passing around draft for any changes.

9) Bob DeCelle spoke about a CPR class.

10) Issue on responsibility for your guests. Pilot program with speed bumps will take place this summer. King Rd. road will have 4 pinned down.

11) Issue brought up about drainage and culverts on Schuyler Rd. Homeowners on each road are responsible for their own culverts. Tim O’Connor will take care of it and afterwards stone will be put on the road.

12) Jeff Schraner spoke about trees on lakefront. 10 trees will be replaced in Sept. He and Mike Gage are working on it.

13) Discussion on lakefront erosion.

14) John Viola spoke about Family Day which will be Aug. 6. Everything will be the same as last year – bouncy bounce, porta potties, tent, tables etc. Last year’s budget was $2000 and can do the same this year. Close the party up at 11:00. Barbara Winnek and Patrick Doyle will donate electricity. John asked that on Sun. morning Aug. 7th help for cleaning up. Committee will consist of John Viola, Steve Schuman, Kevin Moran, Steve Minogue and Bob Brush. Motion for $2000 made by Barbara Winnek, 2nd by Frank Parker, show of hands motion approved. Pete mentioned that if anyone wants to step up to the grill and cook that would be appreciated. Starts at 1:00 and bring side dishes with name on dish.

15) Jerry White wanted to make a motion to buy 5mph signs. Jimmy Parisi 2nd, show of hands approved.

16) Gary Mangione commended new mail boxes on Silver Beach Rd. – Ed Degenhart, Bob DeCelle, Jerry White, and Patrick Doyle.

17) Elections:

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 2 board members are up for election.

Nominations for President: Jerry White nominated Peter Scalisi, John Viola 2nd.
No other nominations, secretary cast vote. Peter Scalisi elected.
Pete made an announcement to commend Lynda Bablin for all her work helping him.

Nominations for Vice president: Many nominated Lynda Bablin, John Viola 2nd.
No other nominations, secretary cast vote. Lynda Bablin elected.

Secretary: Barbara Knight has indicated that after a long career as secretary that she wants to retire.
Nomination for Secretary: Barbara Winnek nominated Percy Croote, John Viola 2nd.
No other nominations, secretary cast vote. Percy Croote elected.

Treasurer: Barbara Knight nominated Helen White, John Viola 2nd.
Nomination of Ellie Parker by Helen White, Ellie declined.
No other nomination, secretary cast vote, Helen White elected.

2 board positions held by Patrick Doyle and Steve Schuman up for election.
Patrick Doyle – 1st by Lynda Bablin 2nd by Paul Lucier
Ellie Parker – 1st by Dave Fedorchak 2nd by Susan Sykela
Barbara Knight – 1st by Helen White 2nd by Lori Brush
Rick Gifford – 1st by John Bablin 2nd by Sherry Carl
Steve Schuman – 1st by John Viola 2nd by Lynda Bablin

5 candidates will stand and 2 with highest votes on paper ballet are elected.
Pete made the announcement
Steve Schuman and Rick Gifford with 24 votes each are elected.

Pete stated “Patrick thank you very much for your years of service and let’s hope that Pat will continue to contribute the way he has with his back, and arms, and his legs and his machines, and I think we all owe him a debt of gratitude for all the work he has done in and around the association.”

18) With no other issues Pete asked for a motion to close the meeting
John Viola 1st, 2nd by Lynda Bablin, meeting adjourned.


Lakeside Acres Property Owners

2010 Annual Meeting
Sept 4, 2010
Meeting Minutes


1. Pete opened the meeting at 10:04 am. A sign-in sheet was passed around.

2. Minutes from last meeting were approved and will be on website.

3. Treasurer’s report from Helen White, Treasurer
Balance as of Aug. 10, 2010 is $28,110.47
Motion made by Gary Mangione to approve report, 2nd by Sally Viola, show of hands approved.

4. From now on meeting announcement will be on the website. Ed will do a blast. Notices will go to those who do not have email.

5. Chain across launch was cut. Anyone, be it member or guest vandalizing any part of lake front will be prosecuted.

6. Launching on lake front is unacceptable. Use the launch. Anyone damaging lakefront will be responsible to repair damage.

7. Weed cutters have been in. Did nice job around docks. Pete wrote letter to Saratoga Lake Protection District thanking them. Letter was put in Shore Lines newsletter..

8. Family day report by John Viola. Total bill $1879.49. Thank you all that helped. Steve Schuman, Jeff Schraner, Jim Parisi, Timmy Knight, Kevin Moran, Steve Minogue

9. Working on signs discussed and voted on 7/09.

New Business

10. Bob DeCelle re-hired as Saratoga firefighter has offered to arrange for CPR course for next spring. See Bob if interested…small cost, 4 hours.

11. Steve Schuman spoke about updating roster.

12. Pete spoke of article in Shore Lines about sewer district and that it was suggested we put something on our website for perspective buyers to check with building department for restrictions about building and sewer permits.

13. Lynda spoke about bump sign on Silver Beach Rd. Town is working on replacing culverts.

14. Association road maintenance – King Road done every year others done as needed.

15. Dave Fedorchak brought up subject to plow the roads.
(off the record….long discussion…same old, same old)

16. Ed Dagenhart brought up subject of new mail boxes. Individual members will be contacted.

17. Maryellen Schuman made a motion to end meeting. Barbara Winnek 2nd. Meeting over.


Lakeside Acres Property Owners

2010 Annual Meeting
July 3, 2010
Meeting Minutes


1. Pete opened the meeting at 10:03 am. A sign in sheet was passed around. A quorum was present.

2. Pete said as he has said before “if you have a problem with a neighbor please handle it between yourselves.”

3. New association members Gary and Susan Allain were introduced.

4. After reading the by-laws it was realized the minutes can be approved by the board and then presented to the association. The minutes from the last meeting were approved and will be put on the website. In the future minutes from all the meetings will be on the website.

5. Treasurer’s report:
Balance Sept. 2009 – $23,775.80
June 28, 2010 – $32,819.52
Checking acct. – $3,517.52
CD – $17,528.06
Savings acct. – $6,616.09
Improvement fund – $5,157.85
Waiting for some outstanding invoices (for gravel about $2100.00 – $2300.00)
According to the by-laws an audit should be done every year. One was done for the last 8 years by an independent person and aside from some addition errors, everything is in order. The cost was $250.00 and this will continue to be done every year.

6. Stone was put on every road in the association. As we voted at a past meeting King Rd. will be done every year as it is access to the boat ramp and everyone uses it. Other roads will be done when needed.

7. Pete received a certified letter from Riley Cove President about drainage issues. The issue has been handled. They were under the impression that the drainage and culverts were our issues. Lynda and John have been in touch with him and Roger Crandall, the Highway Superintendent. They intend to increase the size of the culverts.

8. Talked about speeders, speed bumps and dips.

9. Dogs – control barking and pick up after dog, there is a leash law.

10. A vote had not been taken to accept the treasurer’s report when it was given. A vote was taken at this time.
Motion made by Gary Mangione to accept the Treasurer’s Report as given
Seconded by Larry Honikel
Show of hands accepted

11. John talked about Family Day. This year will be held July 31st. Will have tent with tables and chairs, bouncy bounce, 50/50, porta-potti. Last year budget was $1,500. The board asked to increase the budget to $2,000. Vote was taken:
Motion made by Steve Minogue to increase the budget to $2,000
Seconded by Jim Parisi
Show of hands passed.

12. Pete and Steve spoke about making a new roster. A notice will be sent out for information.

13. Three new little members are expected. Renee and Bob DeCelle, Jen and Ed Degenhart and Melissa and Patrick Doyle are expecting.

14. Ed Degenhart spoke about the website; what it has and etc. Ed maintains the website free of charge….Thank you.

15. Two board positions up for election.
Tom Clark’s position- Tom Clarke Nominated by Lynda Bablin
Seconded by Mike O’Connor
Tom accepted
No other nominations – Secretary voted Tom for 3 year term

Pam Barns position- Bob DeCelle Nominated by Helen White
Seconded by Paul Lucier
Bob accepted

Pam Barnes Nominated by Mike O’Connor
Seconded by Dan Bryant
Pam accepted
Paper ballet – Bob DeCelle voted for 3 year term

Thank you Pam for all the years served and all she has done.

16. Pam spoke about zoning law for District 4 reducing shed size from 10×20 to 10×10. Petition to change back – sign sheet passed around.

17. Pete spoke about and thanked Jimmy, Randy, John, George and Jerry for doing the roads.

18. Outstanding issue is signs – continue to find what we want.

19. Mike O’Connor asked permission for parking on roads for graduation party.

20. Steve Minogue asked about fixing the notice display cases like the one at the boat ramp.

21. Rick Morse talked about open burning.

22. Jerry White and Paul Mangione reported about a new harvester, a smaller one that will come in between the docks.

23. Issue about trees – does membership want committee to determine if a tree should come down
Dave Fedorchak made a motion that the board will decide
Mike O’Connor 2nd
Show of hands passed

24. Next meeting Saturday – Sept.4th

25. Steve Minogue made a motion to adjourn meeting
Bob Brush 2nd
Meeting adjourned


Lakeside Acres Property Owners

2009 Annual Meeting
Sept 5, 2009
Meeting Minutes


  1. Pete opened the meeting at 10:15 am. A sign in sheet was passed around.
  2. Pam Barnes made a motion to accept the minutes from the July 5, 2009 meeting already approved by the board. Barbara Winnek 2nd the motion and a show of hands approved them.
  3. Treasurer’s report from Helen White, Treasurer
    Balance forward from July 4, 2009 was $29,972.09
    As of Aug. 25, 2009 balance is $23, 755.80
  4. Family Day great success probably because of tent. Biggest showing, at one time over 150 people attended. Thank you John Viola and Steve Schuman. John reported they had a $1500 budget, 50/50 brought in $153.00, went over budget $108 subtracted from 50/50 and returned $44.57 to association.
  5. Signs – Pam Barnes looking to get new signs for association. Showed her ideas. Board will meet and come up with options.
  6. Roads have been done with stone. Town skirted the top of King Rd. Gates and Schylur are going on the towns list to be done
  7. Lynda Bablin reported no new news on blue house.
  8. Pete and John Viola spoke a little about politics in town. How candidates showed up at Family Day, a flood on Dunning Rd. West, the medical center going up on Hearn Rd., its parking, a one way issue coming in and out of Hearn Rd. Lynda Bablin will form a committee to see about traffic going in and out of medical center.
  9. Jerry White asked about changing date in spring for removing docks and etc. from front and shore line. Helen White made a motion for a target date of June 1 lake front conditions permitting, John Viola 2nd, show of hands approved.
  10. Frank Parker spoke about Ballston Spa school district.
  11. Website has been taken over by Ed Degenhart. Still in the design phase. Looks really nice. Has town links, assoc. links, minutes will be on it. Membership roster will not be on it. Access to the board through email will be there.
  12. Pam Barnes spoke about the Malta Bldg. Dept. and asking them to loosen up restrictions on us for secondary bldgs. She and Paul Martin will work on this issue and submit something to the board who will submit to the membership before any action is taken.
  13. FYI – any craft 21ft. or under while underway, anyone in the boat will have to wear a life jacket from Nov. 1 – May 1.
  14. Barbara Knight opened up a discussion about dues, initiation fees, voting when a member owns more than one piece of property in the association. A discussion pursued with Helen White making a motion that the board have a meeting to discuss this and bring it back. Lynda Bablin 2nd, show of hands approved. Also the board will send a letter to any realtor when a sign crops up to let them know about the assoc., the dock situation and the fees.
  15. The key to the launch should be returned to the association when property is sold.
  16. MaryEllen Schuman made a motion to close meeting, 2nd by Barbara Winnek, meeting


Lakeside Acres Property Owners

2009 Annual Meeting
July 4, 2009
Meeting Minutes


1. Pete opened the meeting at 10:06 am. A sign in sheet was passed around.

2. Two new members in the association. Ronan Doyle, baby son to Pat and Melissa Doyle and Michael, baby son to Jen and Ed Degenhart.

3. Mr. Valenti read the minutes from the July meeting and made a motion to accept them, Tom Clark 2nd the motion and a show of hands approved them.

4. Treasurer’s report from Helen White, Treasurer
Balance forward from Aug. 30, 2008 was $xxxxx
As of July 4, 2009 balance $xxxxx

Pete mentioned books are open for anyone to look at. Someone asked about payments, biggest is Hartford Insurance for association which is $2213 and $800 to cover officers. Attorney retainer is $1000, rebate of $35.00 this year.

5. Issue about dogs….keep dogs leashed, clean up after them and if they park take them inside.

6. Ed Degenhart is taking over website.

7. Pam Barnes made a suggestion we have signs made for association property. They will be paid for out of general fund.

8. Al Valenti spoke about pipes and waterlines being cut this spring. Mike Gage said he did it because they were heaved due to weather and in the way of trucks and snow plow. Lines must be maintained by its owner.

9. Percy Croote asked to be able to park cars on road July 12th for a party. Jerry White made the motion to approve, John Viola 2nd, show of hands approved

10. Mr. Morse asked about driving slowly on Silver Beach Rd. Application to DOT is being issued to drop the speed to 25mph. by Mr. DeVoe who lives on Silver Beach Rd.

11. 8 King Rd. – still in holding pattern.

12. Mr. Morse running for Town Supervisor and has petition if you want to sign it.

13. Mr. Gifford made a motion to put stone on Lake Shore Rd., Mike Gage 2nd, show of hands approved. Need a work crew, people need to help. Payment will come from capital improvement fund. When dues are paid Helen would like 2 separate checks one for $50.00 for capital improvement fund the other for $100.00 for general fund. All roads will be done…one per year.

14. Discussion about Medical Center being built on Hearn Rd.

15. Stolen property: Glen Witecki a canoe, Mike O’Connor a paddle boat and Mike Gage a picnic table. If you have something stolen call the Sheriff.

16. Elections: 2 board members, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary

Tim Knight nominated Jeff Schraner for a board member, 2nd by Don Barnes, show of hands approved. 3 year position.

Rick Gifford nominated John Viola for a board member, 2nd by Mike Gage, show of hands approved. 3 year position.

Rick Gifford nominated Pete Scalici for President, 2nd by Jerry White, show of hands approved. 2 years

Pam Barnes nominated Lynda Bablin for Vice President, 2nd by John Viola, show of hands approved. 2 years

John Viola nominated Helen White for Treasurer, 2nd by Lynda Bablin, show of hands approved. 2 years

Helen White nominated Barbara Knight for Secretary, 2nd by Barbara Wennik, show of hands approved. 2 years

17. Family Day is Saturday August 1st. John explained that we would like to have a tent because of rain and a porta potti and would like to raise the budget $500 to make it $1500. He also said we would have a 50/50 raffle to try and offset the extra $500. Bring a dish all is welcome. Frank Parker made a motion to increase the funds, 2nd by Jimmy Parisi, show of hands approved.

18. Frank Parker is selling boat $4900. Mr. Godgart is selling lift.

19. Pam Barnes spoke about dirt people can purchase.

20. Denise Croote is selling t-shirts she designed.

21. Evon MacMillan made a motion to adjourn meeting, 2nd by Don Barnes, passed.


Lakeside Acres Property Owners

2008 Annual Meeting
August 30, 2008
Meeting Minutes


1. Pete opened the meeting at 10:10 am. A sign in sheet was passed around.

2. Motion made by Pam Barnes to accept minutes from July 5, 2008 meeting 2nd by Tom Clark. Motion passed.

3. Treasurer’s report, Helen White
Balance forward was $xxxxx
Checking: $xxxxx
Savings: $xxxxx
CD: $xxxxx
Balance is $xxxxx
Motion made by Don Barnes to pass treasurer’s report, 2nd by Sally Viola. Motion passed.

4. Lynda Bablin wanted to give an update on 8 King Rd. (the blue house), the town came to inspect, and they condemned it and gave the owners until Aug. 31 to remedy the situation. They will come back and re-inspect. We have done all we can do now. We will have to wait and see. Pete thanked her for getting right on that and also for calling the town about the top of King Rd. which was worked on by the town.

5. Pete and John Viola asked representatives from the town board to come and take a walk around the association and spoke to them about the inconsistencies with the town (building, zoning, drainage, developing). Pete and John feel they got their message across and felt comfortable with things. We will see.

6. Family Day report: Thank you everyone who helped. Thank you Pat for saving the day with the use of your garage. Went $1.61 over budget. Porta potti was great idea but was not in budget. That was to be paid for separately. Lynda took care of securing potti.

7. Pete spoke about the board getting together and trying to close up loop holes in by-laws. We don’t want so many rules and regulations that we can’t have fun but we don’t want people exploiting the loopholes. Issues about renting docks, parking vehicles, unescorted guests. Renting property was a big issue and how many tenants there can be and issues of using the front.

8. Gary Mangione started a discussion about parking on the association roads which led to a motion made by him and 2nd by Frank Parker to limit parking on lake front roads to 30 minutes. Show of hands approved.

9. Dave Fedorchak spoke about an email he sent to the board about stone on King Rd. in front of the new house. Pete said he will not entertain issues about the road and stone in front of that house. He said he is tired of people calling the house The Mansion, McMansion and to put egos in check. The man has done everything he can to remedy the situation and please stop picking on these people. They are very nice people. A long discussion perused ending with a lot of people are encroaching on road. Can’t pick on one and not all. Pete apologized for getting loud but he is sick of people picking on the guy.

10. Because of the weather issues this summer and the flooding, the stone never got put down on Schuyler Rd. It will be done in the spring.

11. Mike O’Connor spoke about docks being ok on the shore but going left and right at the other end. Next spring please watch what you are doing and go straight.

12. Barbara Knight spoke about issues of the path opening to Reilly’s Cove. She spoke about a car coming through. She said she can not sit in front of their dock because she is in the line of traffic. Also there are water lines and an electric line there. She said she realized it was left open years ago so people could get through but that was before vehicles, meaning, golf carts, atv’s, mini bikes, etc. She wants it for walking only. Pete said we would look into it and find a solution.

13. Frank Parker made a motion to close the meeting. Evone McMillan 2nd. Meeting closed.


Lakeside Acres Property Owners

2008 Annual Meeting
July 5, 2008
Meeting Minutes


1. Pete opened the meeting at 10:10 am. A sign in sheet was passed around.

2. Motion made by Tom Clark to accept minutes from Sept. 1, 2007 meeting 2nd by Gerry White. Show of hands – motion passed

3. New members: Maureen Molder and Richard & Hope Morris

4. Treasurer’s report, Helen White
Balance forward on Sept.1, 2007 was $xxxx
As of June 25, 2008:
Checking: $xxxx
Savings: $xxxx
CD: $xxxx
Balance $xxxx
Motion made by Tom Clark to accept treasurer’s report, 2nd by Don Barnes. Show of hands – motion passed.

5 The Board of Directors voted in early spring to fix King Rd. $562.73 was spent on stone. $62.73 is to be reimbursed to Gerry White (amount over association
allowed expenditure). Thank you Jim Parisi, Randy Croote, Jerry White, Dave Freihtenburgh, Pat Doyle for doing the work.

6. Jerry White bought a road gravel grader for association use. Rick Gifford was concerned about if it got broken when someone used it. Gerry will make a sign up sheet as to who borrows it. Discussion about how to use it…etc.

Frank Parker made a motion to reimburse Gerry for the grader (and stone)
Sherry Carle 2nd, show of hands – motion passed. Barbara Knight, secretary will write the checks as Helen White, treasurer felt uncomfortable writing checks to her husband.

7. Gerry White brought up the price of the stone and asked if board could authorize above the $500 limit. Discussion about King, Schuyler, Gates usage and association buying stone.
Steve Minogue made a motion to raise board authorized monies from $500 to $1000 Patrick Doyle 2nd it

8. Road speeds – Pete is going to try and get sheriff’s dept. to put electronic sign on Silver Beach Rd. in our assoc. to slow traffic.

9. July 10th clear lake front.

10. Blue house – Pete has written a letter…..assoc. will contact town.

11. Dave Freightenburgh talked about the lakefront and could people curve the “beautification” projects.

12. Thank you John Jones for rebuilding the bridge. 1st class job

13. Tim Knight asked to raise the dues to $150. Frank Parker made a motion to allocate the extra $50 for capital improvements, Tim Knight 2nd, discussion on why we need to do this. Show of hands – motion passed.

14. Nomination of new board members:
Steve Schuman – 1st by Sally Viola, 2nd by Helen White
Patrick Doyle – 1st by Paul Lucier, 2nd by Jerry White
Rick Gifford – 1st by Fran Godgard, 2nd by Renee Farley
Tom Clark – 1st by Frank Parker, 2nd by Mike O’Connor
Paper vote results are:
Patrick Doyle – 3 years
Steve Schuman – 2 years
Tom Clarke – 1 year

15. Mike O’Connor wants permission to open Locust Rd. for driveway. Dave Fedorchak made a motion to allow, Honikel 2nd. The by-law needs amendment. Pete asked for diagram & copy of deed and will have attorney look it over and this would be addressed at the Sept. meeting. Dave Fedorchak rescinded his motion.

16. Pete related a phone conversation he had from Renee Farley about Lynda Bablin talking to and individual using Ian Farley’s dock.
Lynda told her side. Renee told her side. Lynda Bablin made a motion to not rent dock for financial gain, Ian Farley 2nd, show of hands – motion passed.

17. Family day – July 26th. Don Barnes made a motion to allow $1000 for expenses, Frank Parker 2nd, show of hands – motion passed
Lynda Bablin made a motion to have a port-a-potty brought in for that one day, Pam Barnes 2nd – show of hands – motion passed

18. Motion to close meeting 1st by Pam Barnes, 2nd by Steve Schuman, meeting closed.


Lakeside Acres Property Owners

2007 Annual Meeting
September 1, 2007
Meeting Minutes


1. Pete opened the meeting at 10:15 am. A sign in sheet was passed around.

2. Motion made by Tom Clark to accept minutes from July 7, 2007 meeting 2nd by Mr. Mangione. Motion passed

3. Discussion about launch keys. If you didn’t get launch key or copy of By-laws see Helen White. $50.00 replacement fee for launch key.

4. Blue house on King Rd. (Maydicks), Pete sent letter, didn’t hear anything, will send a registered letter.

5. Treasurer’s report, Helen White
Balance forward on July 7, 2007 was $xxxxx
Checking: $xxxxx
Savings: $xxxxx
CD: $xxxxx
As of Sept. 1, 2007 balance is $xxxxx
Expenses were: Rebate from Insurance : $15.10
Mailings – $134.00
Hartford liability insurance – $1,916.00
Attorney – $668.75
Randy Croote for web site –
Family Day – $1061.00

Outstanding dues: 5
Outstanding F1 one time fee ($50): 4

6. Someone asked what the attorney fees were for. Pete stated for Sheltertherm construction and subdivision construction.

7. Pete stated that he received receipts for family day from Steve Schuman and John Viola equaling $1061.00 and that because they were given $1000 from treasury, Jim Parisi paid the extra $61.00. Thank you Jim.

8. Mr. Valenty asked about $3800 a year for insurance. Pete told him it was for liability, bonding, etc. and that we can’t do without it and have to have it.

9. Paul Lucier asked about the late dues and a discussion pursued about a late fee. Dues are due May 1 and it was discussed that 60 days from then but then changed to the July meeting date so they could be paid then as you can’t vote if you do not pay your dues. Gerry White made a motion that the dues be paid by (or at) the July meeting or a $25.00 penalty would be imposed. Bob Godgart 2nd the motion. A show of hands vote was made and passed. If there is a hardship contact someone on the board.

10. Renee Farley made a motion to have the meetings either the weekend before or after the holiday weekends, July 4th and Labor Day. Linda Gifford 2nd the motion. A discussion started about traveling time for those not around, those living here not wanting their weekend taken up, school in session, graduations, the by-laws stating dates and being changed, etc. Pete made a statement that we make a decision to vote in July as to when the Sept. meeting should be held. Everyone clapped in agreement and no vote was taken.

11. Pete brought up about people coming to him and speaking to him about an issue rather than having them contact him with a letter from an attorney. He will not deal with attorneys. If two people have a problem, talk to each other.

12. Frank Dambrosio, a board member, sold his property. The board voted and John Viola will take Frank’s place on the board until July.

13. Lynda Bablin received and read a letter from an attorney representing the Farley families regarding confrontations and harassing. Lynda defended herself saying that there was not one true fact in the letter. It was about the lake front and dock usage by the Farley family and friends. She felt it was an intimidation letter to get her to back off on other issues not concerning the lake front usage. She will not be intimidated and just wanted the association to know about it.

14. John Jones (Grog) is going to rebuild the bridge.

15. If any one borrowed the 250 ft. emergency life line Pete put on the SLAA sign at the launch please return it.

16. Saratoga Lake Assoc. is putting on a benefit at Grog’s. Shirts will be sold to benefit that association.

17. On a sad note Mr. Bob Yarter passed away.

18. Discussion about condition of King Rd. due to construction. Pete spoke to owner and assured the road will be fixed when construction is complete. Members feel it should be maintained as construction continues and needs to be taken care of before winter.
Randy Croote said he will spread stone if owner will front the money for stone. Pete will call again.

19. Dave Fedorchak asked about an update on the article 78 discussion. Pete stated the sewer district is involved and everything is on hold.

20. Pete asked for a motion to adjourn. Everyone made a motion to adjourn, everyone 2nd it, meeting adjourned 11:10.


Lakeside Acres Property Owners

2007 Annual Meeting
July 7, 2007
Meeting Minutes


1. Pete opened the meeting at 10:10 am. A sign in sheet was passed around.

2. New members were introduced Sherry Carl and Fran Godgart

3. Steve Schuman made a motion to accept the minutes from the Sept. 9, 2006 meeting Gerry White 2nd. Motion passed

4. New launch key. Cost was $946.41 cheaper than we had originally thought. Thank you Mr. Mangione. Sign and receive key at end of meeting. $50.00 replacement fee. Also copies of by-laws available and they are also posted on the web site

5. Discussion pertaining to complaint about structure placed on SLAA property without approval over the winter has been removed and the issue is resolved. No one has the right to trench, put up a structure or doing anything that would change the lakefront without approval from the board or membership. Pete stated “if anyone has any issues with anyone else in this association, I am going to make this statement right now; I am not here to handle everybody’s personal problems. If you have an issue with a neighbor, go and talk to that neighbor on a neighborly basis.”
Issues can be resolved by just talking and discussion.

6. King Rd. construction – road will be put back to original condition when construction is done. Pete does not think there will be a problem. Owner very responsive.

7. Discussion about the Locust Rd. construction and subdivision. Thank you Pam Barnes and Lynda Bablin for all the help we’ve gotten in researching some of the road issues we have around here. A letter was sent out that we have been going to planning board meetings because of the arbitrary and capricious decisions the town board is making. Our board had a meeting and discussed that if the town should approve the subdivision we want to take the town to court on an article 78.
How does membership feel? Explanation of what an article 78 is, cost and the issue concerning it (Locust Rd. subdivision, minor vs major, road conditions, etc.). Mike Gage made a motion to go with the article 78 if necessary and on any other road we don’t agree with what is going on, Scott White 2nd, motion passed.

8. Helen White, Treasurer gave treasurer’s report.
Balance forward on Sept.9, 2006 $xxxxx
As of June 25, 2007 $xxxxx
MaryEllen Schuman made a motion to accept the treasures report Don Barnes 2nd, motion passed.

9. Pete stated that Pam Barnes wanted to form a committee to take care of research and legal issues pertaining to our roads that are not open. Volunteers are: Pam Barnes, Frank Parker, Tom Clark, John Brown/Ira Dorsey, John Viola, Glen Witicki, Mike Gaige, Dave Fedorchak, Scott White, and John Lansburg.

10. Discussion about the one time impact tax/initiation fee to join the association that is already stated in the by laws. Conclusion, one time new member fee under board’s discretion to waive fee, $400 initiation and $100 dues.

11. Elections: this year President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 3 board positions Pam Barnes, Dave Fedorchak and Pat Doyle are up.

Pete Scalici nominated by John Viola, 2nd by Gerry White, show of hands vote approved.

Vice President:
Dave Freightenburgh does not wish to rerun. Thank you for a job well done.
Lynda Bablin nominated by Jerry White, 2nd by John Viola, show of hands vote approved.

Helen White nominated by Sally Viola, 2nd by Barbara Winnek, show of hands vote approved.

Barbara Knight nominated by Pam Barnes, 2nd by Sally Viola, show of hands vote approved.


Lakeside Acres Property Owners

2006 Annual Meeting
September 9, 2006
Meeting Minutes

1. Pete opened the meeting at 10:07 am. A sign in sheet was passed around.

2. Helen White, Treasurer, gave treasurers report as of August 28, 2006
Savings account $ xxxxx
Checking account xxxxx
CD account xxxxx
Total $xxxxxxx

Later in the meeting when it was realized a motion hadn’t been made Mike Gage made a motion to accept the treasurers report, Rich Gifford 2nd the motion, show of hands vote, motion passed.

3. Pete stated that as voted by the membership anyone who did not pay the $50.00 surcharge for the professional tree clean up will be assessed on their 2007 dues.

4. A discussion about the continued tree clean up pursued – estimates, what trees, when, etc.

5. Pete thanked everyone who worked on the gravel path by the bridge.

6. Mary Ellen Schuman made a request to change the lock on the launch. Pete talked about have non duplicating key’s. Mr. Mangione explained about that kind of system and cost would be approximately $1500.00. Discussion on who uses launch, where keys are, association member responsibility, what system should be used, etc.
Mary Ellen made the motion to change the lock and key. Frank Parker 2nd, show of hands vote, motion passed.
More discussion on usage, type of lock system, etc.
Motion made by Steve Schuman for
New system ($1500. approx.)
Non-duplicatable keys
Keys numbered
Sign at ramp stating members only
Penalty for loss replacement $50.00
Motion 2nd by Jerry White, show of hands vote, motion passed.

7. Discussion of how to pay for new lock system. Mrs.Lucier made a motion that the association pay for the new lock and keys. Bill Sykela 2nd the motion, show of hands vote, motion passed.

8. Helen White volunteered to hand out new keys. Key must be signed for and dues must be paid.

9. Steve Schuman reported $604.77 on Family Day. Steve recommended for next year having $700 to spend. Good day.

10. Dave Fedorchak asked about the construction in the road (Lakeshore & King)
No one knew what was going on and suggested he talk to Patrick Doyle and if there was a problem then we could address it.

11. Barbara Winnek asked about the mess at the blue house on King Rd. (Maydick) and if anything could be done to get it cleaned up. Talk about a letter from the association or calling the town was discussed. It was left that Gail Anderson would call the owners and talk to them about it.

12. Discussion about Sheltertherm expanding Dunning Rd. to 40ft. No one really knows anything about that, but they were granted a variance for 5ft. to build a house. A committee formed (William Sykela, Dave Fedorchak, Pam Barnes, Randy Croote) to find out what is going on with Sheltertherm and Dunning Rd. William Sykela will be the spokesman for the committee with the attorney.

13. Mr. Mangione made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Jerry White 2nd. Meeting adjourned.


Lakeside Acres Property Owners

2006 Annual Meeting
July 1, 2006
Meeting Minutes

1. Pete Scalici opened the meeting at 10:08 am. A sign-in sheet was passed around.

2. Helen White, Treasurer, gave treasurers report as of June 29, 2006
Savings account $xxxxx
Checking account xxxxx
CD account xxxxx
Total: $xxxxx

3. Discussion about F1 tornado and cleaning up lake front. Jim Parisi made a motion for members to pay a one time $50.00 assessment for professional clean up. Ellie Parker and Yvonne McMillan second the motion. A long discussion pursued as to estimates and if those who did clean up already would they pay or be reimbursed (no they won’t). Show of hands vote was taken, 31 for 13 against, motion carried. Mike Gage made a motion seconded by 2 people (?), show of hands vote, 13 for 24 against assessment being deducted from next years dues, motion denied. The $50 assessment is due by the end of July. Those members who do not pay will be charged the assessment on the 2007 year dues.

4. Mike O’Connor made a motion to reduce the donation made to Saratoga Lake Assoc. from $10.00 to $5.00 per family. Pam Barnes 2nd, show of hands vote in favor.

5. Pete mentioned at end of meeting members should come up, pick up and sign for a copy of the by-laws and directory.

6. Correction of error made by secretary of treasury report in minutes from last meeting.

7. Discussion about road conditions – call board member if there is a dangerous situation.

8. Family Day – John Viola made a motion to hold family Day, 2nd by Frank Parker, show of hands vote passed motion.

9. Introduction of new members:
Paul & Jenny Mango Neil Galvin (Rupert house)
15 Collamer 70 Lake Shore Rd.

Christine Honikel Tom & Shiela Matejek
4156 Silver Beach Lake Shore & Dunning

10. Discussion of driving all vehicles slower on all roads. MaryEllen Schuman will make you dust if you drive to fast on King Rd.

11. Mike Gage asked to limit use of four wheelers and golf carts going across grass in front of his house to bridge.
Jerry White made a motion to make 5ft. wide gravel path to bridge. Tom Clark 2nd. Show of hands vote, 28 for 8 against, motion passed. Bridge will be moved and members will do labor.

12. Tim O’Connor started discussion about problems launching boats because of trees and rock wall near launch.

13. John Viola described family day for new members.

14. Mike O’Connor made a motion to adjourn meeting, Frank Parker 2nd. Meeting adjourned 11:05.

Lakeside Acres Property Owners

2005 Annual Meeting
September 3, 2005
Meeting Minutes

1. Pete opened the meeting at 10:14 am. A sign in sheet was passed around and documents were handed out.

2. Proxy’s were accepted to vote before meeting.

3. Meeting minutes from July 2nd meeting were voted on. Pat Doyle made the motion, Steve Schuman 2nd the motion. Motion accepted.

4. Seven responses to make changes in by-law Articles XIV and III.

5. Long discussion pursued regarding Article XIV.

Dave Fedorchak made a motion to change date back to 1994 original Grandfather clause. Tim Knight 2nd the motion. Show of hands vote, motion denied.

Ellie Parker made a motion to accept Article XIV and that the association may accept an agreement between members in good standing regarding sharing a dock space and recording it. Barbara Wennik 2nd the motion. Show of hands vote, motion accepted.

6. Article III, Pete read. Steven Schuman made a motion to accept article. Brian Fisher 2nd the motion. Show of hand vote, motion passed.

7. Discussion about dock committee, Rick Gifford, Mike O’Connor and Gerry White, issues go to them. Helen gave copy of 2003 waiting list to Mike O’Connor. Suggestion to post dock list on web.

8. Pete spoke about letter Rene Farley sent to him and he gave his response. Everyone got a copy.

9. Letter to Town of Malta -every one got a copy -about Locust Rd.

10. Receipts for family day were handed in. $***. Thank you to Sue and Bill Sykela for piñata.

11. It was asked that we post in boxes about when there is a board meeting.

12. King Road -maintaining Rd. because of excess use. Matt Hatlock raked road with new stone.

13. Shirts – $3.00 for each goes back to the association.

14. Helen White, Treasurer, gave treasurers report.

Previous balance: $*****
As of August 27, 2005
Savings account: $*****
Checking account: $*****

Total: $******79 paid members
Frank Parker made a motion to approve the report, Mike O’Connor 2nd, motion approved.

15. Fire department donation: motion by John Viola to reduce donation from $*** to $***. Dave Fedorchak 2nd, motion approved.

16. Saratoga Lake Association donation: tabled until July meeting.

17. Mike O’Connor made a motion to adjourn meeting, Fisher 2nd, meeting adjourned.

Lakeside Acres Property Owners

2005 Annual Meeting
July 2, 2005
Meeting Minutes

1. Randy Croote, Association President, opened the meeting approximately 10am. A sign in sheet was passed around.

2. Helen White, Treasurer, gave treasurers report.

Previous balance: $*****
As of June 28, 2005:
Savings account: $*****
Checking Account: $*****
Total: $*****

79 paid members Renee Farley asked what attorney bills were for the last year. Helen said $500.00 even. Mr. Valenty made a motion to accept treasurer’s report. John Viola 2nd the motion. Report passed.3. Pete Scalici made a motion to except meeting minutes for July 2004 meeting. Barbara Wennik 2nd the motion. Minutes were passed.

4. Randy spoke on bylaws. Stated he and Pete Scalici were working on and also given to attorney to look over. A line was formed to hand out bylaws and a sheet was signed to show member received a copy. The bylaws were strongly suggested for incorporation by the attorney. Randy explained anything done in regular type was already in place when the bylaws were amended in 1994. Anything written in bold was new and what we were going to change. He turned the floor over to Pete Scalici and he reiterated what Randy explained and also that the bylaws were not “cast in stone” and are able to be changed, but that the lawyer felt we should get them in place as soon as possible.

5. After bylaws were handed out a large discussion took place with many members taking part as to vote today or not to vote today. Some of the comments made were: John Viola asked that we vote on amendments and not to wait incase there was no quorum at the September meeting. Frank Parker opposed voting meeting day as a decision should not be make in haste. Ellie Parker agreed. Laura Brush made a motion to wait to vote on family day, Ellie Parker 2nd with changing date to Aug. 6. Frank Parker thinks members should be sent copy of bylaws by registered mail and another meeting set up so all members could be involved. Mike O’Connor had a lengthy comment about members not showing up at meetings. A discussion pursued on Article III about voting someone out of association. Also discussions on having association lawyer meet with membership. Renee Farley and others commented that the meeting announcement stated members would have “opportunity to review and provide written comments to Mr. Scalici by a specified date. The final version will then be submitted to SLAA attorney for evaluation. A membership vote will follow.” She also asked that this be stated in the minutes. Peter stated the announcement is not a legal document. There was discussion and explanation about proxy. A discussion about if the entire board had input on the new amendments was discussed. Helen White wanted to get on with Laura Brush’s motion. Laura Bush tabled her motion, Ellie Parker 2nd. No voting on motion was done. A motion by John Viola and 2nd by Mike O’Connor to take a roll call vote to accept bylaws was made. The decision to take a roll call vote to accept the bylaws was made. A roll call vote was taken and the bylaws were accepted 25 yes votes to 22 no votes. 47 paid members voted constituting a quorum. (1/3 of paid membership). Peter Scalici then stated any comments or question regarding bylaws should be directed to him at his email address or home address 1546 Oakfield Ave., Wantagh, NY 11793 or camp 4150 Silver Beach. Peter Scalici asked written comments be in by July 30th.

6. The official address give by Malta Postmaster for Lakeside Acres Assoc. is 91 Lakeshore Dr. A mailbox will be at the corner of Silver Beach Rd. & King Rd.

7. Randy spoke on the private property issue he stated in the meeting announcement. An issue was brought up about someone destroying private property and can someone unilaterally decide to do something on the association private property. Then a letter was read by Randy from the attorney which then opened up a large discussion about Renee Farley opening Locust Rd. Renee and Ian Farley have access to the paper road to access their lot as required by law. The SLAA has the right to set balancing factors to insure it is improved properly and not done in a manner injurious to others who benefit the easement. Ms. Farley stated she will improve the road and will not open the road beyond the access point to their property and has no intensions of doing so in the future. We as an organization have the right to require permission and get involved in the request. Ms. Farley made a motion to ask for permission to open the road, Scott White 2nd the motion. 25 votes approved 2 opposed. Motion granted. This does not mean all deeds have access rights. It is on a case by case basis. Albert Valenty made a motion to table the discussion on Ms. Farley opening the road and Dave Frieghtenburgh 2nd. Motion not entertained issue was voted on.

8. Family Day will be held July 30th. A motion was made by Frank Parker to spend $600 and 2nd by John Viola. Motion granted.

9. Albert Valenty asked about ownership of blue boat and to have it removed. No one took ownership.

10. Election of officer’s as Randy stepped down as president and Paul Lucier’s tenure as a board director had expired. Paper ballots were taken.

Nomination for president:

John Viola nominated Peter Scalici – Steve Schuman 2nd
Evon MacMillan nominated Dave Fedorchak – Dennis Linehan 2nd
Peter Scalici 24 votes
Dave Fedorchak 19 votes

Nomination for vice-president (Peter Scalici stepped down to be president):

Steve Schuman nominated Dave Frieghtenburgh – Sally Viola 2nd
Al Valenty nominated Dave Fedorchak – Evon MacMillan 2nd
Dave Frieghtenburgh 19 votes
Dave Fedorchak 18 votes

Nomination for director:

John Jones nominated Paul Lucier – Laurie Brush 2nd
Pat Doyle nominated Frank DeAmbrosio – Dennis Linehan 2nd
Dave Fedorchak nominated Frank Parker – Gerry White 2nd
Paul Lucier 11 votes
Frank DeAmbrosio 13 votes
Frank Parker 1 vote

Pete spoke: Thanking everyone for their vote and stating he would no let personal preferences color decisions and will work for the good of the association11. Steve Schumann made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Scott White 2nd. Meeting adjourned.

Lakeside Acres Property Owners

2004 Annual Meeting
July 3, 2004
Meeting Minutes

1. Randy Croote, Association President, opened meeting at 10:10am. A sign-in sheet was passed around.

2. Board was introduced. Asked if any new members.

3. Randy spoke of the talking paper he made up to go through things that were discussed in the past or asked about. Talking papers were handed out.

4. Last meeting minutes were either emailed or hard copy mailed. Motion was made by Steve Schuman to accept the minutes,

John Viola seconded. Motion was passed.

5. John Viola asked if any one present not a member. Christine Karsky, Terry & Joe Zeller. Pete Scalici made an announcement made a statement that our lawyer suggested we could have closed meetings for paid members only. This will take place in the future. Christine Karsky said she was an attorney, agent (for Renee Farley). Randy stated that this was private property and could be a private meeting, however decided not to pursue at this meeting; she stated we could sue her for trespassing.

6. Randy mentioned blue sheet under sign-in sheet was to be filled out only if you had any address, etc. changes.

7. Randy spoke regarding talking paper #1, the drainage problem or lack of. Suggestion was made to request the town of Malta to update the 1998 Clough Harbor Engineering study. Can only be done if there is a request and the town accepts to doing it. Randy will take charge of making the request. This will help us and the town with future developing. Across Silver Beach Rd. is our problem as private property. Discussion will continue later in the meeting.

8. Randy spoke regarding talking paper #2, deed/title review. Something necessary and board took an action so we can better serve and represent the members about SLAA rights. Randy will keep everyone abreast of the cost, to date around $300.00. It is still a work in progress.

9. Talking paper #3, by-laws update. Pete Scalici will take over this project.

10. Talking paper #4, joining forces with other associations regarding drawing of water from the lake. We support not drawing of water. Letter was read from Saratoga Lake Association thanking us for our donation and sale of calendars $10.00 each.

11. Talking paper #5, opening up lines of communication with Riley’s Cove Corporation. Common issues i.e. drainage, helping to work together.

12. Talking paper #6, website updated., what is on it, etc.

13. Randy spoke of the lakefront & GOLDEN RULE, removal of trash, boats, boat lifts, using private property for personal use and respecting the private property. Ramification of refusing to remove personal property from SLAA private property could be notification to remove by a set date. If you chose not to do that the attorney will call the sheriff and the sheriff will come and observe the removal and owner will be billed. Lakefront should be cleared by July 4th.

A dog leash is in effect in the Town of Malta. Dogs should not be running around. If it does its business on private property, please clean it up. (Randy does not want it in his kids’ toes.)

14. Malta Ridge Vol. Fire Dept. donation. Mr. Valenty made a motion to donate $500.00 annually,

Steve Schuman seconded, motion passed.

15. 8th annual family community day will be held Sunday, July 25th. Viola and Schuman families will organize.

16. Mr. Valenty spoke about issue of spending money. He made a motion to take a vote on anything over $500.00 which is already in effect, motion not passed. Paul Lucier spoke on same. Sub-committee formed to make a new by-law pertaining to extra money expenditures. Sub-committee members are Scott White, Patrick Doyle, Paul Lucier, and Mr. Valenty.

17. Mary Lucier asked who board members were. Randy read names: Randy Croote, President, Pete Scalici, Vice-president, Helen White, Treasurer, Barbara Knight, Secretary, Board members – Paul Lucier, Steve Schuman, Dave Fedorchak, Tom Clark, Pam Barnes and Pat Doyle.

18. Dave Fedorchak re-opened issue on drainage (line 7, talking paper #1). He made a motion for SLAA to present a letter to the Town of Malta requesting and update on the drainage study.

Frank Parker seconded, motion passed. Randy will send letter.

19. Dave Fedorchak made a motion that the association put in new culvert on Dunning Rd. east for drainage. Discussion pursued that if one gets all should etc., etc.

Motion seconded by Christie Yartar, motion opposed.

20. Renee Farley made a motion to hire an engineering firm to correct drainage problem, Discussion continued regarding unknown costs, uncertainties with water sources and watershed etc (see #18) nobody seconded, motion rescinded. Renee made a recommendation to form a committee to find out cost of correcting drainage problem on association property. Sub-committee members are Renee Farley, Pat Doyle, Virginia Clark, Rich Rezinski.

21. Mark Teal made a motion to put a portable restroom by bridge, end of Schulyer Rd. on association property. Discussion pursued,

John Brown seconded, motion opposed.

22. Mr. Whitecki make a motion to put drainage pipes on association property to alleviate standing water on Crumb Rd. at his own expense with Randy or Pete or another assoc. member seeing project progress. Went on to say he has already done some excavating of this without association permission and wants to continue. Mr. Whitecki volunteered to remove pipes from SLAA property if motion not passed Discussion pursued about problems for other people, no one being qualified to see if it is being done right, etc.

Motion seconded by John Brown, motion opposed.

23. Dave Fedorchak started a discussion on association paying for snowplowing in the winter. He will work on it as far as cost etc. for September meeting.

24. Issued mentioned that if anything is to be done on association property protocol is to ask the membership first, or next step in writing to the SLAA board via Randy Croote.

25. Mentioned was minutes being read. Adopted minutes will not be read at meeting. Treasurer’s report reading; discussion about non-members being present. Pete mentioned moot point for this meeting. Treasurer’s report will be read.

26. Mr. Whitecki made a motion to cut down a specific dying tree at own expense.

John Brown seconded the motion, motion carried.

27. Dave Fedorchak made a motion requesting permission for he and Frank Parker to correct culvert problem on Dunning Rd. east at their own expense.

Paul Lucier seconded, motion passed.

28. Helen White, Treasurer gave treasurers report:

Balances currently in banks
$***** savings account
$*****checking account

More dues checks had come in morning of meeting. Discussion on when dues are due. April 1 they are due, May 1 they are late and a reminder is sent out. No ramification has been set for late dues. Mr. Al Valenty made a motion to approve treasurer’s report,

Paul Lucier, 2nd, motion approved.

29. Meeting adjourned. No motion made to adjourn.

Lakeside Acres Property Owners

2003 Annual Meeting
August 30, 2003
Meeting Minutes

1. Randy Croote, Association President, called the meeting to order at 10:08 am. A sign-in sheet was passed around.

2. Helen White, Treasurer, gave treasurers report.

A. Payments:
Misc.: mailings, insurance, etc. $*****
B. Balances currently in banks
$***** checking account
$***** savings account

3. Randy opened meeting discussing web site, SARATOGALAKESIDEACRESASSOCIATION.ORG

Developed and designed by Derek Croote. Several pages – homepage, officer and contact page, photo page, and classified page – to use if anyone in the association wants to advertise something. Soon to come will be links to other association around the lake (Saratoga Lake Assoc., Water preservation, etc.) Minutes to meetings will also be on the web. Discussion about assoc. financial situation being posted. Monetary figures are not posted. If anyone in the association wants to know about the report they should see Helen White. Discussion as to whether by-laws should go on web. Suggestion made to keep private but not resolved.

4. Received revised by-laws from lawyer. The board will go over and make any further revisions. A copy will be sent to every member for any suggestion or revision. They can contact the board through phone, letter, etc. After revisions are done the lawyer will handle it again. They will be voted on and all members will receive and sign for a hard copy.

5. Water level and Saratoga water source. We support the Save the Lake Association and could use us by name as a support for any proposals that the county is looking at as a water source.

6. A rule for voting of officers and board members that was established at the last meeting included an officer or directors term would be for two years. This is not mandatory. If a membership is displeased with any officer or director a 2/3rds vote can remove said officer or board member.

7. Discussion on recent town board meeting. Several members attended to state opinions on drainage and development relevant to the association. Randy sent a letter to the chairman of the town planning board and its attorney stating that LSA wants to have a voice in any decision making, development, or any use or request to use any property or any member’s property relative to how it would be affected by water issues etc.

8. Thank you to Viola and Schuman families for hosting family day. Great attendance – highly successful

9. Discussion on Save the Lake Assoc. We did join as an association and sent membership fee of $25.00. A show of hands said yes to make a donation to Save the Lake Assoc. John Viola made a motioned to donate $10.00 per LSA member ($730)

Jerry White seconded
Passed by membership

10. Steve Schuman asked to cross King Rd. to run underground electric line. Steve Schuman made a motion to allow him to run the line

Mike O’Connor seconded
Passed by membership

11. Mike O’Connor went to town about speed limit. Town will respond with new sign-age.

12. Paul Martin opened up a discussion on signing a petition to bring city water and gas into the association. The petition was not passed around. He will find out more about it.

13. Snow plowing roads – Mike Gaije asked if association could pay. End result was to get proposal from contractor as to how much.

14. Mike O’Connor asked that members be more diligent about getting winter storage and etc. off lake front by July 4th. Enforcement will be implemented next year.

15. Barbara Knight opened a discussion to pay Derek Croote for establishing and maintaining website. A show of hands agreed to pay him $*** for initial set up and $*** per hour for maintaining it.

16. Adjournment Motion to adjourn made by Barbara Wennick

Judy White seconded
Passed by membership


Lakeside Acres Property Owners

2003 Annual Meeting
July 5, 2003
Meeting Minutes

1. Randy Croote, Association President, called the meeting to order at 10:00 am. A sign-in sheet was passed around.

2. Helen White, Treasurer, gave treasurers report.

A. Payments: (Private)
Misc.: mailings, insurance, etc. $*****
B. Balances currently in banks
$***** checking account
$***** savings account

3. Thank you to Steve Schuman for new signs

4. Randy discussed new attorney Kevin Tollisen. Discussion about refining and consolidating by-laws. Hopefully a draft version will be ready by the lawyer for the Labor Day meeting.

5. Discussion about off road vehicles & responsibility of same.

6. Mike O’Connor started a discussion about the speed limit on private and county roads. End result was that Randy would address the lawyer with a philosophy of enforcing a penalty by the association on the private roads.

7. Family Day Picnic, July 26th hosted by Viola and Schuman families with association allocating monies, approximately $*****

8. Discussion about speed bumps on the private roads. George Knight and Jerry White to keep maintained.

9. Announcement made about presentation being made at Panza Restaurant on July 24th with regards to the lake water source. Possibly will have someone at September meeting to discuss the issues.

10. Discussion about bridge on south end of property.

11. Dave Fedorchik brought up the issue of the depth of the lake, who is in charge of it and makes the decision of lake water levels.

Dave Fedorchik made a motion to draft letter to ?? about water level.
Jerry White seconded
Passed by membership

12. Paul Martin started a discussion on public water being brought in. He will investigate and report findings at September meeting.

13. Discussion on election of officers.

Motion made by Mike O’Connor to have election every two years
Virginia Clark seconded
Passed by membership

14. Election of officers.

Motion made by John Viola to elect Pete Scalici vice president
Paul Lucier seconded

Elected officers by show of hands are:

Randy Croote – President
Pete Scalici – Vice President
Barbara Knight – Secretary
Helen White – Treasurer

Elected chair persons by show of hands are:

Paul Lucier
Dave Fedorchik
Steve Schuman
Patrick Doyle
Pam Barnes

15. Motion to adjourn made by Virginia Clark

Renee Farley seconded

Passed by membership

Lakeside Acres Property Owners

2002 Annual Meeting
August 31, 2002
Meeting Minutes

1. Randy Croote, Association President, called the meeting to order at 10:15 am. A sign-in sheet was passed around.

2. Barbara Knight, Secretary, read minutes from the July 6, 2002 meeting.

Motion made by Gerry White to except the minutes
Seconded by Steve Schuman
Show of hands approved.

3. Helen White, Treasurer, gave treasures report.

A. Payments: (Private)
Mailings $*****
Hartford Insurance $*****
Family Day $*****
B. Currently in Banks
$***** checking account
$***** savings account

Discussion about interest on savings account affecting income tax. This is being investigated.

Motion by Percy Croote to except treasurers report
Second by Patrick Doyle

4. Randy passed out papers to the association members clarifying and responding to materials circulated to a portion of the Lakeside Acres membership by Ms. Renee Farley and also a letter written to Randy from Peter Scalici and Kevin Moran regarding same (copy attached to minutes report). Randy felt this was important because it was relative to the issue at hand – distributed letters from Ms. Farley relative to the association and Randy personally. Randy read materials dated August 30, 2002 (In an effort to clarity and respond??.copy attached to minutes report) and then would open the floor to discussion.

5. Randy opened the discussion with the position that the association had received a written threat of a law suit and that some association members became concerned and did some of there own research concerning the situation. Situation being proper ownership of property in Lakeside Acres and dock space. This is where the letter from Peter Scalici and Kevin Moran is introduced by their admission. After Randy initially received this letter he called a meeting of the board of directors. The board unanimously decided on a course of action to take relative to property ownership. Randy also stated that he wanted to make it perfectly clear that the association, as a group, as an association has no interest in any financial matter of any individual in this organization. The sole issue at hand here is proper ownership. It?s a private organization and as a private organization we have membership requirements very simply pay your dues if you own property in the association. This is where the conflict comes in and Randy was not going to second hand discuss the information Peter Scalici researched. Randy stated if Pete wanted to discuss it he could.

6. The next thing Randy had to discuss was the attorney situation. The association attorney Jim Hughes has resigned as our attorney. Randy has a written letter from him that anyone can look at. Resignation reasons are, as, Mr. Hughes stated in the being that he was not a litigation attorney and felt with our growth, because of rules and regulations now in place we could be open for litigation. He also stated a large part of his business is in real estate and it could be a conflict of interest if he were to become involved with a law suit. Letter also stated he would work with a new attorney and bring him up to speed at no charge. Also, he will refund in full any part of the retainer that is left. He also has recommendations for a new attorney as have other associate members. As in the past association members voted to have Randy select a lawyer and at the board meeting, the members voted for Randy to select the new attorney. He will do so in the same manner as he did finding Mr. Hughes.

7. Randy now opened the floor to anyone else with discussion.

8. Pete Scalisi opened a discussion as to why he wrote the letter to Randy regarding the law suit. He stated he had not personally received all materials handed out by Renee Farley but had seen them. He felt this to be odd and decided to do some research into the allegations so he could make a reasonable decision. He said he had no personal interest by doing research. He used tools that were available to him i.e. public records, West Law (at his own expense) and found a number of discrepancies in claims made vs. legally duly recorded legal deeds. Also stated he found discrepancies in letter he found on his mailbox the night before from Renee Farley dated August 28, 2002 (copy attached to minutes report). He said he would not get into specifics but if someone wanted to hear them he would. John Viola stated he wanted to hear specifics. Renee stood and made a statement about trying to give everyone the materials she passed out but not everyone had a mailbox and whatever. Also a discussion on why documents had missing pages. Renee stated she was just trying to condense paperwork. Pete found that to be a problem because when someone condenses paperwork they are trying to bolster their position. Renee went on to say what page 2 was and Pete wanted to see it.

At this point a gentleman stood to ask a question when an association member raised a question as to if he were an association member. Randy asked that he state his name and if he were a member. He stated his name was Eric? and had a contract on the 10 acres and was not a member. A discussion pursued by several members and Renee (he being her nephew) that he was not a member and should not be here. He did not know etc., etc. Renee asked that we get on with the meeting. He remained at the meeting.

Next a discussion was started by Peter Scalisi pursuant to a discrepancy in an email to Randy with a date of either August 23 or August 27 (attachment #5 in letter to association members from Renee Farley dated August 28, 2002, attached to meeting minutes). Randy was asked by Pete

9. Keith Rupert asked that instead of having a long drawn out discussion with innuendo that we hire our attorney and have him take care of it. Renee defended her position as to her dock right and then Pete Scalisi stated she brought this on by herself because he had been at the meetings for the last two years and he had never heard anyone state that Renee should have her dock space taken away. All of a sudden an issue that should have been between the new owners of her old home became an association issue. Renee continued to defend her position about having a recorded deed and gave it to a board member. Randy stated that Barb Knight did tell him about it that morning (at that time Barb gave the recorded deed to Randy). Randy also stated during this discussion that Renee had responded to the registered letter the board had voted on to send her requesting certain information, in a timely fashion. He then went on to say that the point is that she did supply the deed, that there was conflicting information and that he was not a lawyer and his intention was to follow through with the direction of the board, take what information Renee presented, select a lawyer, hand him the materials and let the lawyer sort out the issue because Randy is not an expert nor does he claim to be. And also says “Randy Croote” does not have any personal stake in the outcome of Renee Farley’s dock and although Renee’s letter implies that he does, he has no personal stake in it.

10. Rick Girfford wanted to know if this was an issue for a lawyer. He felt there was a deed for this property and that the issue should be between the old owner and the new owner and wanted an explanation as to why a lawyer was need. Pete Scalisi told Rick that this was not accurate as the property was taken over and sold by the bank. Paul Martin wanted to know if the dock was actually sold to anyone. He was told by someone Pete Scalisi that was part of the issue. Rick Gifford reiterated that he though this should be between the Renee and the new owner – that’s all. Pete Scalisi then said Rick was missing the point, the point here is that we had a person threaten us with a law suit for harassment and a little bit of research showed this person may not even be a property owner, filed a law suit – that is the issue here. According to all public records Pete searched, there is no property listed in Lakeside Acres with Renee Farley and he ran it with different spellings and initials of Renee Farley, 4 different ways and did find filings for Renee under the 4 different ways. The one thing you can’t get around is social security numbers and they all cross referenced with the same social security number. Pete felt he did a complete thorough investigation using different public data bases. Renee and Pete pursued a discussion about the legalities of recorded and unrecorded deeds and mention of deed title insurance and for Renee to produce that. Paul Martin interjected a similar personal situation he had regarding an unrecorded deed as did his wife, Jean. Jean also stated here-say information of negative comments about Renee and that she heard Renee was going to lose her dock space. John Viola wanted to know if she approached the association about this, her reply was no and John stated the association never took a stand on this, there has never been anything recorded or any discussion at any official association meeting about taking her dock space away from her. Jean is responding to gossip and Renee’s letters. John Viola went on to tell the story about his experience with the town board when he went for a variance and how he felt about Renee and what she wanted to gain.

11. The discussion then went on about a letter that Randy read written to him from Mr. Messercola about sharing a dock because of something said to his wife. The letter stated that Randy never discouraged Mr. Messercola from sharing a dock nor had his wife. They recommended sharing. Mr. Messercola stated that he has lived at 25 Dunning Rd. for about 8 months and not once has Randy had anything negative to say about sharing docks or trying to plot or plan anything to make me think differently about anyone. Randy then stated to forget the third party crap, this is from the conversation that occurred between myself and Mr. Messecola, and this is Mr. Messer- cola stating that I never was disparaging to Renee Farley and that I recommended that he share a space. Renee then stated her conversation was with Mrs. Messercola and asked if her deeds were ok could this whole matter be dropped.

12. Sally Viola then stood and asked Renee why she didn’t sign any of her letters. Sally then asked her to sign the letter/letters and Renee complied.

13. Mr. Messecola stood and stated he was the guy who bought the house. Stated he bought it from Charter One bank and Renee Farley was her real estate agent. He said he was following the meetings here, he wasn’t a member yet, but went on (meaning the assumption) that the dock space was tagged to the property. He said his father helped him buy the house and his father had a question about liability. Mr. Messercola stated he wanted Renee to sign a document they would not sue each other while sharing a dock. Mr. Messercola stated she replied stating she didn’t want to play these games. Mr. Messercola feels he lost out on a dock space. He stated he just wanted Renee to sign a document stating they would not sue each other. The conversation went on with several different association members as to what property Renee has, when she bought it, if she was a continuing member and what the outcome would be. Renee asked for a vote that if the new lawyer felt she had a valid deed and had no break in property ownership and was a continued member that she would continue to keep her dock space. No vote was taken. Randy spoke up and said, like he had stated before that when we select the new attorney he would give the new attorney the materials Renee had supplied in accordance with the board letter and let the new attorney handle it.

14. Another issue that came up was a rescinded vote at a previous meeting regarding dock space going with the property when sold. Again the issue turned to the Renee Farley/dock issue with a lot of people yelling and speaking over each other. Also mentioned at this time was other issues regarding dock space ownership when the association initially bought the property, how may spaces you could retain according to how many land parcels you own, what the precedence is when you sell your property, a lot of issues that have not be resolved because they never had to be and etc. and etc. and etc. Again Randy spoke up about the board meeting and its intent on what to do. Did anyone want to over turn the decision of the board of the meeting two weeks ago relative to the process the board wished to pursue? No one answered. Discussion over.

15. Someone asked is there something we should to do if this issue should come up again. Randy stated his opinion was we need to continue as an organization and look at the 8 issues the legal/dock committee spend a lot of time on relative as to how the organization should proceed in the future. The whole complex issue of docks in this association is clearly still an open item. But that is not going to happen unless the membership agrees that, that should happen. Regarding giving the 8 issues to our new attorney for an opinion. Paul Martin asked what they were. Randy said he would provide them to anyone who wanted to see them.

16. Mr. Whitecki stated he was building a home and needed an easement on association property to bury telephone and power lines. Scott White stood up and apologized that he did that already without asking.

Paul Lucier made a motion to OK both parties to do it
Virginia Clark seconded
Motion carried

17. Paul Martin asked about dock wait list. George Knight and Mike O’Connor explained the situation and how it worked as a first come first serve calendar list. Talked about dock space going with property, value of personal property with or without the dock space, one dock per owner, deeds do not include dock space this is an organizational rule. Paul Martin made a motion to submit this wait list to the lawyer for his opinion. This was already done. Randy read what was already presented to the lawyer. Mr. Bablin spoke up about buying his house from Mr. Moore. Mr. Moore forfeited his membership by not paying dues putting Mr. Bablin on the waiting list and sharing with the Nolan’s. Mr. Martin’s motion was never voted on.

18. Mrs. Clarke brought up the situation of vandalism problems. Randy stated through only conversational knowledge that some members have formed a neighborhood watch. He asked that they speak about it. George Knight reiterated what he knew and because of paroling the area things have slowed up. Other members brought up what they knew of underage drinking and drug use. Mr. Viola said the police have been notified and the people involved are being watched. Randy stated if you have a problem call police and do diligence by us members, keep an eye on it.

19. Mr. Tim Knight wanted to know if he was going deaf here because he can’t hear what is being said. Could we get a microphone or speaker system to use at these meetings? Other members stated they had a problem hearing too.

20. Mrs. Barnes brought up the issue of when selling there place could the dock space go with it. This discussion went know where.

21. Renee Farley made a motion that all minutes from previous meetings be sent with April meeting. Barbara Knight stated that Randy was going to put all meeting minutes together and consolidate everything so that we could establish a whole new set of amended by laws. Randy stated that what was discussed that Randy would sit down and combine all the information from the different meeting minutes that the association voted on, consolidate those and present those in the bill mailing in April for discussion at the July meeting. Motion not voted on. Paul Martin offered to keep a copy in his office at his home for anyone to get a copy.

Motion made by George Knight that Paul Martin and Barbara Knight have copies available
Seconded by Scott White
Motioned carried

22. George Knight asked that docks be removed from beachfront by July 10. Randy will send a notification letter if he is made aware.

23. Helen White stated dues are due April 1.

24. Motion to adjourn the meeting by Mike O’connor

Seconded by Scott White.

Post meeting information:

Website – to be handled by Pat Doyle
Tape recorder used at meeting bought by Randy to be reimbursed
Purchase of microphone or speaker system for future meetings

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