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Lakeside Acres Association 2019 Semi-Annual Meeting

August 31, 2019


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9:17 am

11:50 am

Lake Front

Semi-Annual Meeting
July 06, 2019

Roles for this Meeting: Participants:
Leader: Lynda Bablin
Recorder: Lori Brush
Invited Guests: N/A
Meeting Open Lynda Bablin Started at 9:17 am.
Minute Acceptance Lynda Bablin Minutes from July 2019 as stands
Treasurer’s Report Percy Croote Removed for website version.
Old Business
Family Day John Viola

Successful and fun family day;
50/50 total was $415 won by Nick Neville who donated $100 back for a total of $308 minus the $141 over the budget for a total of $167 back to the Association.
Huge thanks to the following members for their donations:
Carbone family- pig
Degenhart family – waterslide, dunk tank, bouncy bounce and cotton candy.
Lori Lucier – keg from Brown’s Brewery
Mark McNary – food
Parisi family – refrigerators
Barb Wennik – electricity
Knight family – ice and garbage cans
John Schraner – shirts
Mike and Chris O’Connor – clean up
Melissa Doyle, Jen Degenhart and Denise Parisi for breakfast Sunday clean-up.

Rentals Lynda Bablin

Information: there have been significant changes to property rental laws; please be aware; Handout from Pam Barnes passed around.


Lynda Bablin
  • New and updated emails – give to secretary.
  • Email system only to be used for board to association; this was the spirit of the membership’s wishes as told to the board; the ambiguity was in the ‘spirit’ of the conversation.

Discussion ensued.

  • Message Board on website being looked into by Ed Degenhart.
  Ed Degenhart

Message Board that will be similar to other associations; Minutes, communication tool, mobile app some of the things being looked at for the message board; maintenance cost is approximately $35/month.

Motion #1

Motion to give permission to the board to seek a way for Ed Degenhart to determine a new communication system for the board and association members.

Motion by Mike O’Connor; 2nd by John Bablin.
Steve Schuman asked maker of motion to amend motion allowing the SLAA not to exceed $500/year to develop and install this new electronic communication system on the SLAA website.
Maker of motion agreed to amendment.

Discussion ensued.

Motion passed.

New Business
Lawsuit Lynda Bablin
  • Our attorney cannot provide strategy to the association at large.
  • The plaintiff is a member of the association and chose to put all details of the lawsuit out to the association at large in an email.
  • The board, obligated to the members, cannot put out every detail of the lawsuit per our attorney’s advice.

Discussion ensued

  Lynda Bablin
  • Finances spent on lawsuit explanation given.
  • Association had 20 days to respond; deemed emergent situation by board as stated in SLAA By-Laws.

Discussion ensued



Lynda Bablin

  • Lawsuit can be costly.
  • Some outcomes if the association does not defend lawsuit are: the plaintiff will get a dock space which can lead to further lawsuits from those who do not have a dock space.

Motion #2

Motion to continue to defend against lawsuit

Motion by Brian Fisher; 2nd by Mike O’Connell

Motion passed.


Lynda Bablin

Financial ramifications of lawsuit discussed.

Motion #3

Motion to move $12000 from capital fund to general fund

Motion by Pete Scalici; 2nd by Brian Fisher

Motion passed.


Lynda Bablin

Financial ramifications of lawsuit discussed.


Motion #4

Motion for $150 one-time assessment due date to be moved up to January 1, 2020 to general fund.

Motion by Pete Scalici; 2nd by Jim Parisi
Discussion ensued.

Motion passed.
Motion #5

Motion to table lakeshore protection project phase 2

Motion by Mike O’Connor; 2nd by John Viola.

Discussion ensued.

Maker of Motion withdraws motion.


Lynda Bablin

Looking for volunteers to hull out culverts for water flow to lake.



John Bablin

Asking for permission to allow board to negotiate with John Bablin to purchase approximately 290 foot section of Oak Road (unopened paper road) that runs along north end of his property. Mr. Bablin will assume all legal fees.

Discussion ensued.

Lynda Bablin recuses herself and John Viola takes over meeting.

Motion #6

Motion to have the allow board to negotiate with John Bablin purchase of 290 feet as mentioned above and then bring to membership for a vote.

Motion by Mike O’Connor; 2nd by Lee French.

Motion passed.

Motion #7

Motion to negotiate by Renee Farley to purchase 200 feet of Collamer Road (open paper road).

Motion by Renee Farley; 2nd by John Bablin. Motion failed.

Motion #8

Motion to Adjourn

Motion by Pete Scalici; 2nd by Mike O’Connor

Meeting Adjourned at 11:50am.

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